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HHAC: Chipmunk Cheeks

Posted Aug 12 2008 4:21pm
Well... my last surgery for the year 2008 was completed! I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday- those pesky little buggers that invade your mouth, give you headaches, give you bleeding gums, give you agony. Now that is all gone. What do I have left? Oh yea... a few days off from work and a face to envy. Really! The chipmunk cheek look is in this time of year! It's fantastic! So is a liquid diet consisting of Soy Delicious "ice cream" blended up with either chocolate almond milk or vanilla rice milk.

That has been what I have been doing for the last few days.

I thought I was supposed to be feeling really crappy. But instead I just feel... bored! Shh, please don't tell work that! I still have a lot of pain, and my face looks like I am preparing to hibernate any day now, but overall I feel ok!

This morning I walked for almost an hour on the treadmill, stopping only because my MP3 player's battery died and I was forced off due to boredom.

Then I cooked arepas, mashed plantains, and harboiled eggs for a lunch fit for a queen who can barely open her mouth wide enough to stick a fork in it. Mushy corn cakes, mushy fruit, and mushy eggs was perfect!

In the next few days I should be building back up to my regular workouts. Until then... I'm hibernating!
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