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Gluten-Free Restaurants in Chicago

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:19pm

Since I was diagnosed with celiac disease about five years ago, I have grown to love foods that have bold flavors. I love Mexican food because of the fabulous spices like cumin, cilantro and garlic. And Italian food is incredible with its combination of tomatoes, basil, oregano and cheeses. I was lucky enough to sample several incredible restaurants during a recent trip to Chicago.

I have always heard that Chicago has some pretty good gluten-free food, but after this trip, I' m willing to brave the extreme weather again just to have another slice of pizza and a bowl of guacamole!!

The first piece of gluten-free pizza I had in Chicago was from Lou Malnati' s Pizzeria. Lou Malnati' s is the PA240003 one of the oldest family pizza restaurants in Chicago, dating back to the 1940s. Lou Malnati' s if famous for its deep-dish pizza that is handmade and each pizza is prepared to the customer' s specification. In my case, I needed a gluten-free pizza, which I thought might be a problem for a pizza place, but not Lou Malnati' s! There is a Crustless Deep Dish Pizza available that is certified gluten-free on the menu and is delicious! The crustless pizza is made from a large round sausage base and can be topped with all of the same toppings as any regular pizza! Lous Malnati' s came highly reccommended to me before I left on my trip and I have to say that I definitely is delicious!

The second gluten-free pizza I had in Chicago came from Marcello' s: A Father and Son Restaurant. The PA270020 restaurant is fabulous about preparing the gluten-free pizzas in a safe envioronment and even hands out a flyer to customers that explains the handling procedures and lists all of the ingredients! They prepare their gluten-free pizza crusts in a sterile environment and cook the crust on parchment paper so it never touches the oven. All of the toppings are handled with caution to ensure there is no cross-contamination.  I ordered a gluten-free pizza with tomatoes,spinach, mushrooms and basil and topped with mozzarella & romano cheese that was absolutely incredible! My mouth is watering for more!!

My last gluten-free dining expereince in Chicago was at the Adobo Grill. I was immediatly excited when I learned that not only did they have a gluten-free menu, but also a Tequila Bar! There were tons of gluten-free options including grilled flank steak in chile morita adobo sauce,roasted butternut squash & wild mushroom enchiladas,quesadillas stuffed with huitlacoche, cheese, fresh corn and ancho salsa and even a chocoalte tamale for dessert! This is just a brief glimpse at the gluten-free menu. There are tons of delicious options! And, don' t forget the guacamole bar! Instead of chips, Adobo Grill serves jicama chips to those on a gluten-free diet! 

PA260013  PA260016PA260018

So next time you' re in Chicago, have no fear! There are tons of options to more than satisfy even the largest of gluten-free appetites!

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