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Gluten-Free in Sitka, Alaska

Posted Mar 19 2010 12:00am

Greetings from up north. I’m currently on a 2 week vacay to the deliciously chilly, wet and wild islands of Alaska. One of my sisters and her family reside here so mom and I made the flight up to spend a few weeks.

I was prepared for this trip. Packed along a variety of flours and dry mixes and several packages of gluten-free pasta. Worse case scenario, I’d be eating a bowl of plain pasta but at least I’d be eating! However, to my utter astonishment, there are quite a few different gluten-free supplies available in the local grocery stores (gluten-free pastas mixed in with their gluten counterparts, Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free mixes, grains, flours in abundance, and many different cold cereal options) and a good number of gluten-free offerings in the one health food store on the island. Some of which I’ve never seen on the mainland. Tomato basil crackers. Yum!

Because my sister is not gluten-free and the cooking ware is contaminated, I even brought along my own non-stick frying pan. Perfect for making my daily egg, potato, bacon, cheese breakfast.

Tomorrow we board the Alaska state ferry system and take a 10+ hour voyage to Juneau where my sister will be doing her yearly Costco shopping. I’m fairly certain that the fare on the ferry will not be something that will be safe for gluten-free me so I’ve prepared through making several tasty gluten-free snacks to take along.

Jerky. This is a stand-by for me. Jerky quells hunger when there is nothing around to eat. And is good even when there is food available. I just love jerky!

Ham/Pineapple pasta salad: Using my gluten-free noodles ( bionaturae Organic Penne Rigate are my fave – I brought 2 bags w/me on this trip) I mixed up a quick pasta salad consisting of the following ingredients: ham, pineapple tidbits, frozen peas, mayo, miracle whip, honey dijon salad dressing. Oh, so delicious! Has protein and fruit as well as fat and carbs. A well-rounded meal that will serve me well at lunch and dinner tomorrow as we’re on the ferry and then again for lunch on our way back on Tuesday.

Chebe Pizza Crust Mix : I’m bringing a bag of this along with some pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, canadian bacon. This is quick and easy to whip up and makes the *best* calzones and small pizzas. My mouth is watering at the thought!

Whoopies pies ! I made up a double batch of these the day after I arrived here and though they’re gluten-free, they’re FABULOUSLY delicious and as I figured, everyone gobbled them up. Except the few I’ve hidden away in the freezer to take along with me on our trip. Gotta have something cakey and sweet when you travel!

And so, tomorrow morning will find me boarding the ferry for an adventure on the high seas. Well, the inside passage… thankfully. The high seas would find me spending the entire trip over the toilet or hanging over the side of the ship. A good friend has recommended ginger in boiling water so I’ll be trying that and hopefully any possible seasickness will be minor and won’t keep me down. I have a delicious pasta salad that needs eating!

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