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Gluten free Gets Kicked up a Notch

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:39pm

No less a personality than Emeril Lagassi  demonstrated gluten free pizza on his Emeril Green show.  Now gluten free has surely gone mainstream! 

Emeril demonstrated a completely gluten free meal.  His guests were a wife who had recently been diagnosed with celiac and her husband. Guess what she missed most since her diagnosis? That’s right - pizza and beer!

As with gluten containing pizza, the recipe for the dough is only half of the story. Technique is very important.  If you have ever witnessed a pizza baker twirling dough over his head, you know that shaping the dough is an art.  Because gluten free pizza dough is very sticky, Emeril rolled it out between two sheets of oiled parchment paper.  The oil on the paper prevents it from sticking to the paper. The paper allows the baker to use a rolling pin to do the shaping. Emeril also cautioned against using toppings that were too moist or the dough would not cook thoroughly.

Although Emeril baked his pizza on a baking sheet, he told his guest that she could also use a pizza stone.   The ingredients for pizza dough  that Emeril used seemed to be the same as Bob’s Red Mill Pizza mix. There are always a lot of different flours in a gluten free recipe.  Each flour is necessary  to mimic one of the many characteristics of wheat.  A gluten free pizza mix would certainly be more convenient than mixing a number of flours from scratch.

Emeril also included an Italian salad and a pasta dish featuring vegetables.  The cooking tip for this dish was to put the sauce at the bottom of the serving dish and the pasta on top of it. Then it is easier to mix.

I think Emeril deserves a big thanks for featuring gluten free cooking on his show. Hopefully, other TV chefs will follow his lead.

 Lynn Cicero, M.S. R.D

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