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Gluten Free Gala Recap Birmingham

Posted Mar 12 2012 11:52pm

Above, the coordinators of the gala, Me, Christine, and Rebecca.  Our fabulous guests, Jules and Pam!  Thank you for making our expo so amazing!  You both were such a great asset to our event!

The long awaited Gala Dinner recap!  I am so sorry this has taken me so long.  I had put my family and so many other things on hold those last few weeks preparing for the expo.  I had to take a couple weeks to catch my breath, do some laundry, and work with my kids!  Thank you for being patient and understanding. 

We had a fabulous time at our 1st ever gluten free gala dinner.  It all came together beautifully.  We had over 130 people in attendance.  The only major speed bump we hit was when Dr. Fasano was unable to attend the gala and expo.  He was put in the hospital in Maryland on the Friday of our Gala dinner.  So thankful that Pam King from the Center for Celiac Research, and Anne Lee from Dr. Schar were able to present Dr. Fasano's speeches without trouble.  It was amazing! 

We started off the night with a glass of wine and 2Blu and the Lucky Stiffs .  They were just the right pace to set the evening.  We enjoyed the band, mingled and made new friends.  We watched iron chef between Sean Butler of Food Studio B and Pam King who was taking the place of Dr. Fasano, using his recipe.  We were able to watch as Food Studio B's team prepared our food. 

Next we were off to the main event.  The dinner and speakers.  We were so blessed to have such great sponsors of our dinner.  Sean Butler of Food Studio B so graciously donated his time, and efforts and put so much into our amazing gluten free meal.    We enjoyed Foccacia bread, fresh herbs, garlic confit, Sausage Stuffed Chicken Breast witha Blood Orange Basil Concasse, Portabello and Green Apple Pasta, salad with White Balsamic, and Neopolitain Cake.  We are so thankful to our other sponsors who also supplied food for our dinner,  Earth Balance , Jules Gluten Free , Bare Naked Noodles and Springer Mountain Farms .  It was such an amazing meal.  It was so fun to get to eat out for so many people and not worry about contamination or getting sick. 

During the dinner, we enjoyed Jules Gluten Free talking about the 1 in 133 project and her place she had in organizing the whole project as well as producing the world's largest gluten free cake.  It was amazing to hear what all went into preparing for this huge project and where we stand with better labeling laws.  We thank Jules for sharing this information with us.  Following Jules we heard from Anne Lee from Dr. Schar.   She gave us some great information on celiac disease and how it affects our bodies.  She did such a great presentation making it very informative and interesting.  Thank you Anne for sharing with us. 

After dinner and speakers, we continued to enjoy our guests as we began to prepare for the Gluten Free Expo the next day.

Stay tuned for the expo details! 


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