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Gluten Free Food Review: Snikiddy, Urban Raccoons & Alpine Aire Foods

Posted May 13 2012 8:31pm

Product Review
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These baked fries are light, crispy and salty. You will like these because they are not greasy and are a healthier alternative than potato chips or corn curls. Hard to eat just one, they come in several varieties: cheddar cheese, sea salt, BBQ, original seasoning, classic ketchup, bold buffalo and southwest cheddar.

We tried the bold buffalo, cheddar cheese, classic ketchup.

 Bold Buffalo

I really liked these! Salty and spicy with a slight tomato-vinegar taste……these were especially hard to put down! Very Addicting! Their products have no msg, are vegetarian and kosher. Also made in a facility that does not process any products containing peanuts or treenuts.

 Cheddar Cheese

I loved this one! Cheesy and crispy, this one reminded me the most of a cheese curl.  The primary ingredients are cornmeal and potato flakes. All their baked fries are gluten free and wheat free. 50% less fat than potato chips, no trans fats and cholesterol free.


Urban Racoons

Gluten Free Granola Bars

These granola bars come in 3 flavors. Banana Chocolate Chip, Cranberry  Almond and Peanut Chocolate Chip. These are sweetened naturally with honey and maple syrup. Their products are made with certified gluten free grains like, oats, puffed amaranth seeds, flax cereal, sorghum flour, ground flax seeds and flax seeds. My favorite flavor is the Cranberry Maple Almond, the other flavors were a little too sweet for my palate……but Tina’s 10 year old son Austin really liked the Banana Chocolate Chip. This little bar comes neatly packaged in a little square, the perfect size to squeeze into your purse or backpack.
Image 2



Classic Ketchup

The first bite of this snack filled my mouth with the taste of ketchup.  It wasn’t over whelming and reminded me of dipping a McDonald’s french fry in to ketchup and putting it in my mouth.  The ketchup taste was not as strong as I ate a few more.  Unfortunately, it was so good that I couldn’t quit eating these.  The bag did not last very long in our house!


I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about eating chicken gumbo out of a pouch.  I love Cajun and creole food and never miss a chance to enjoy Papa Deaux’s in Texas… so I wasn’t so sure about giving this one a try.  However, I found I really did like it!    It is quick and easy to fix and needs only hot water. This is great camp site food or travel food.  It is packaged in re-sealable pouches.  You boil 2 ½ cups of water, open the pouch and pour it in.  Allow the ingredients to stand for 10 minutes and voila chicken gumbo.  You will see the puffy white rice, bright sweet corn, red and green peppers and Okra.  They are flavorful and mesh together well.  This item is marked as very spicy on the packaging and on the sites where it is sold. 


I will certainly not hesitate to try the multiple other offerings they have from AlpineAire Foods.  While this one was not one of the lower sodium items, they do have a few lower sodium choices such as Mashed Potatoes & Gravy with Turkey, Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice, Texas BBQ Chicken with Beans, Mountain Chili, Potato & Cheddar with Chives, Western Tamale Pie with Beans, All American Roast Beef Hash, and Bandito Scramble.  

AlpineAire Foods
Chicken Gumbo

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