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Gluten-Free Essentials- Cranberry-Apple Spice Cookies

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:19am
What do you get when you cross a cranberry with a hemp seed? In some cases... it would not be a great combination. In others, its magical. I received some of Gluten-Free Essentials Cranberry-Apple Spice Cookie mix and was reading the ingredients...a little perplexed. How could this not taste like straw and sawdust with dried fruit? I could picture my grandmother reading the list of ingredients saying to my diet-controlled diabetic father, "there's fruit in here and not much sugar!!" (insert crazy Boston accent with a slight old lady lilt...) The shelled hemp seeds and quinoa flakes alone terrified me, much less the dried apples and cranberries. Dried fruit in a cookie along with some un-cookie like ingredients! But I made them anyway! It was a basic Gluten-Free Essentials cookie mix, stick of butter (or margarine in my case) with 2 eggs. I was good to go! I mixed up the batter, the directions said to let the dough chill for at least a half an hour before baking, so I stuck the dough in the fridge but not before sneaking a little bit of it!! And from the preview, I was looking forward to eating the final product! It tasted like a sugar cookie with a little pizazz- the cranberries!

Never mind that they filled my kitchen with a nice warm Christmas-y smell- in the middle of May, but they looked like fun little tea cakes! I didn't even let them cool! I popped one in my mouth. Despite the fact that it was burning hot, it tasted just how I imagined. Like a sweet little sugar & spice cookie. There was a slight nutmeg and cinnamon taste hidden there, a tasted a little bit of the dried apple, but the real winner in this cookie. Was the dried cranberries. This burst open in my mouth and I couldn't tell this was not a FRESH cranberry! It carried the whole cookie! I couldn't tell there was quinoa or the shelled hemp seeds in it. Amazing! Did they taste healthy? Nope not at all! But this is going to be the one I share with my dad and my grandmother. Who will be amazed that such a little cookie packs so much punch with a big burst of cranberry!

Gluten-Free Essentials baking mixes are available to purchase online at Check out my other reviews on their products as well! Talk about yum!
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