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Gluten Free Breakfast and Snack Ideas

Posted Jun 13 2009 1:02am
Breakfast Ideas
Low CarbohydrateLow Glycemic Index Ideas

1) Apple slices dipped in almond butter
2) Apple with almond cheese slices (almond cheese can be found at Fred MeyersWhole Foods or New Seasons)
3) Grainless Apple Pancakes
4) Cleanse shakesPurification Shake Recipes or Breakfast in a Blender
5) Green Mix Protein ShakeMix 1 scoop Greens First with 1 scoop Whey Pro Complete or 2 scoops Cleanse Shake.
6) Homemade Probiotics Yogurt
7) Handful of almonds with cucumbers or baby carrots
8) Chicken or Turkey Sausage with cucumber slicesgrilled zucchini or other left over vegetables
9) Free Range Egg Omlete with spinach and tomatoe slices
10) Free Range hard or soft boiled eggs for a quick and easy breakfast.
11) Free Range scrambled eggs with quacamole salsa
12) To reduce the glycemic index of toast top with low glycemic index vegetables including mushroomsasparagustomatoes or avocado

Snack Ideas
1) Fresh fruiteat alone or with slices of almond cheese
2) Your favorite seeds and nuts (pumpkin seedssunflower seedssesame seedspecanshazelnuts or almonds.
3) Sunflower crackers with cucumber slices or rice cake with zucchini and alfalfa sprouts
4) Crunchy Granola
5) Rice cakesrye crackerstopped with avocadoalmond butteralfalfa sproutscucumber slicesHummus or almond cheese.
6) Make a fruit smoothie with Protein Powder..
7) Fresh Vegetable Sticks with TahiniHummusguacamole or almond butter.
8) Whole grain muffinscookies or cakes made as wholesome as possible.
9) Gazpacho Soup
10) Millet Pudding
11) Gluten Free Almond cheese garlic bread
12) Free Range hard boiled eggs are a protein source.
13) Grated fresh coconut and grated carrots with vegetable sticks or healthy crackersetc.
14) Chickpea crunches or Soybean nuts. Soak and cook legumesspread on cookie sheetbrush with olive oil or butter and sprinkle with natural seasonings and herbs. Bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees F.
15) Banana Chunks rolled in powered carob and or grated coconut.
16) Nut Butter Carob Balls or Halvah.

Other Ideas
1) Gluten Free Pancakes with applesauce
2) Crunchy Granola with Probiotics Yogurt
3) Millet BreadBrown Rice Bread or Multi-Seed gluten-free bread with almond butter.
Some of these breads can be found at Fred Meyers in the nutrition center or at Whole Foods or New Seasons. For a more balanced meal eat with a Greens Mix Protein Shake.
4) Walrus BreadBrown Bean BreadSandwich Bread with Almond Butter.
5) Probiotics Yogurt mixed with Crunchy Granola
6) Quinoa or brown rice porridge. For sweetness and some stewed applea few raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon to quinoa or brown rice. Top with soyrice or almond milk.

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