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Garlic’s ‘Yum’ Factor On Pizza

Posted Mar 07 2011 1:48pm
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We continue to make pizzas in this house as if they were going out of style.  Having the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Mix makes it easy and when hit with low grocery inventory in the refrigerator, it also seems to be an easy fix.  Yes… I did just use the words ‘grocery inventory’.  Not sure where that came from!

So I made toppings out of what we had, which wasn’t much.  There was some left over pesto, which has become my new pizza sauce obsession, shredded mozzarella cheese, 3/4 of a green bell pepper, dried oregano and garlic, which we always have in the house.

There is rarely anything cooked in this house that doesn’t contain garlic.  And although on most pizza’s, there is garlic in the sauce, I have taken to slicing up garlic cloves and then sprinkling those slices over the top of the pizza once all the other toppings have been added.

I swear to you, this is the newest and greatest secret to the best pizzas EVER.  Perhaps that’s a bit hyperbolic, but truly not by much.  The slices of garlic brown a bit, crisp up and provide a lovely explosion of flavor every now and then depending on your bite.  I also love how well garlic blends with mozzarella cheese.  If you’re going for a more Italian feel, sprinkle dried oregano on top of all that, and you’re ready to go!

So I suppose that would be my ‘Yum’ factor tip for pizza – garlic and oregano.  Try it and then let me know.  I’m beginning to compile a list of great pizza toppings that work well together and would love to hear yours.

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