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FYI : wheat allergy information from WebMd

Posted Jan 08 2011 9:36pm

Living With a Wheat Allergy

Foods made with wheat are staples of the American diet . However, many people are allergic to proteins found in wheat, including gluten. If you are allergic to any wheat protein strictly avoiding wheat and wheat products is the only way to prevent a reaction, which can include stomach upset, eczema , allergic rhinitis, asthma and even anaphylaxis . But, it is not always easy to avoid these foods since many unsuspecting products contain wheat.
Always check the label ingredients before you use a product. Many processed foods, including ice cream and catsup, may contain wheat flour. In addition, check the label each time you use the product. Manufacturers occasionally change recipes , and a trigger food may be added to the new recipe.
Examples of wheat products and foods that may contain wheat include
Wheat ProductsWheat-Containing IngredientsWheat-Containing Food
Whole wheat or enriched flour

High gluten flour

High protein flour



Graham flour




Wheat malt

Wheat starch

Modified starch


Gelatinized starch

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Vital gluten

Wheat bran

Wheat germ

Wheat gluten

Vegetable gum

Vegetable starch
Many breads, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods

Bread crumbs


Many cereals

Acker meal


Cracker meal


Substitutes for wheat include corn, potato, barley, oat, soy, and rice flours and arrowroot starch.

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