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Fun Food Swaps for Baby!

Posted Jun 24 2013 6:30am
… can you hear the crickets chirping? It’s been pretty quiet around here, but we’ve been having LOTS of fun!

wpid 20130623 124205 Fun Food Swaps for Baby!

We’ve been playing, cooking, eating and exercising. I’ve been able to get to the gym because my dear sister, Maggie, is living with us this summer! It’s been fun having my sis around, and I know Adeline likes seeing another face icon smile Fun Food Swaps for Baby! We’ve had a lot of fun exploring new foods, and I thought I would share some of the “new foods” that Adeline has been enjoying!

Adeline is quite the adventurous eater. She has never refused a food (I’m sure this will change), and she likes different tastes and textures. She really enjoys feeding herself, and this makes for quite a mess at times!

wpid 20130519 160840 Fun Food Swaps for Baby!

(not messy, just adorable)

Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life posted about making yogurt drops for her toddler. I stole her idea and made up a big batch of our own frozen yogurt drops! I just used some plain Brown Cow Cream Top yogurt and made a couple of trays of yogurt drops for Adeline.

wpid 20130607 112428 Fun Food Swaps for Baby!

Adeline LOVES yogurt, but I didn’t LOVE the mess (and the stinky yogurt-cheese that would develop if I didn’t wipe her down well enough- YUCK!)

wpid 20130621 113321 Fun Food Swaps for Baby!

The face I would make if I smelled like souring yogurt…

The frozen bits are fun for her to pick up, and she doesn’t seem to mind the cold! Although, she did cram 4 or 5 dime-sized drops in her mouth and I think she experienced her first BRAIN FREEZE. Oops!

Puffs are a pretty popular snack in the baby/toddler world. I love the idea of puffs- small, quickly dissolving bites of food for baby. What don’t love is the PRICE and the INGREDIENTS in some of the snacks. I’m keeping Adeline gluten-free for the time being because I have Celiac Disease. Many of the puffs contain wheat, sugar and a few other added ingredients. I’m just not crazy about added sugars (even in the form of juices), so I set out to look for an alternative to puffs.

wpid 20130610 164131 Fun Food Swaps for Baby!

Puffed corn and puffed rice cereal to the rescue! Arrowhead Mills makes a puffed Brown Rice and a puffed Corn Cereal . Both cereals only have one ingredient- brown rice or corn. Nothing more. Although they don’t have the added vitamins like Gerber , Plum Organics and Happy Puffs , I’m pretty sure Adeline is getting plenty of good vitamins and minerals from her other foods. Both cereals are crunchy at first, but dissolve quickly. I like that they have a single ingredient, and I like that I can buy a whole bag for $2.

wpid 20130610 164148 Fun Food Swaps for Baby!

I sometimes offer Adeline the cereal while I’m getting her food ready so that she has a few things to munch on while I prep her meal. I like keeping a baggie of the puffed corn in the diaper bag in case the baby starts to get hungry for her next meal if we are out and about.

wpid 20130610 164118 Fun Food Swaps for Baby!

I’ll definitely still offer regular yogurt to Adeline, but for days when a bath may not happen, frozen yogurt drops are a nice alternative! I think we’ll be sticking with our puffed cereal for a while for a fun food option!

What are some of your favorite food swaps? I like using applesauce in place of oil in some recipes, and I’ve even tried an avocado FROSTING once!

All opinions are my own and I purchased the products mentioned in this post.

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