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For The Love of Football- Kinnikinnick Chocolate Cake

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am

So all season long, I've been watching football. I've been living football. I lived it every second of every day for the better part of the season when I participated in the fantasy football game at work in my department. From the very beginning of the game, I said I would go all the way and win the whole thing. Most people laughed because I didn't even know what a first down was. I don't think I can explain it even now, but I love pretending I know something about football! Jonathan and I built up a good team, I paid attention, I watched him make trades, watched our players get hurt, and we got worried about whether we would win or lose. Miracle upon miracles, we won! The whole thing! I couldn't believe it! The whole time I was saying we would win, I didn't really believe it myself, just going on the power of positive thinking to bring our team all the way.
Well I won a good chuck of money and now have a football trophy sitting on my desk the size of a huge flower vase. My pride and joy.
So today, hailing from Boston and being pretty darn proud of the Pats and their PERFECT record (yea that's right!) I figured I would need something equally as perfect for the big game to celebrate. I think I found it in the Kinnikinnick chocolate cake mix. I am a huge chocolate lover (anyone who knows me, knows this). So I am pretty hard to disappoint when it comes to the deep dark chocolatey cookies, cakes, and frostings... I only get upset when it's made with gluten and dairy. I decided to make cupcakes decorated with a dedication to the number one team in football today.
The Kinnikinnick chocolate baking mix was easy enough to make, it called for the usual ingredients- oil, eggs, and water. Just like a commercial baking mix, this one was expceptionally easy to make. Right away I was hit with the rich dark chocolate smell. I knew it would be perfect, and was pleased when I tasted the batter (of course I do) and it had the velvety chocolate taste to back up the smell.
The amount of powder in the package is very deceiving, this mix makes a lot of cake! I filled up 12 cupcakes and then had enough left over for what??? I had the option of waiting until the cupcakes were done to refill them, but I decided to use the heart shaped "cupcake" tins I had. How I would decorate these I didn't know, but it would be fun to eat! The cupcakes cooked up in about 20 minutes and they were done when they sprang back to the touch and passed the toothpick test. I took them out of the oven and resisted the urge to gobble one up right there, they smelled so good.
I used chocolate frosting I had leftover from my dad's birthday cake the day before. My sister thankfully doesn't eat wheat either and made a cake that everyone in the family could eat! Including the frosting! So I let the cakes cool and frosted them with rich chocolatey frosting. Then put my tribute to the undefeated Pats on them :) GO PATS! #1 everywhere in blue decorating frosting. Then dusted the good luck charms in red sprinkles, wondering if I should have used vanilla frosting, but it was too late to go back now.
Now what to do with the other cupcakes. The lovely heart shaped ones. An image suddenly came into my head and I whipped up some bright pink frosting, homemade this time- with confectioner's sugar, margarine, and a teaspoon of vanilla. YUM! I pulled out my cake decorating supplies, and started up. God only knows the Peanut draws better than I do, but I managed to line the heart shaped goodies with a little pink, and make a few "flowers" of sugary pink frosting. On one, I wrote, "Te Amo". When I took the picture (sorry for poorer camera- one of these days I will get a new one.) I knew I would be making these again for Valentine's Day! Jonathan would love them. So babe, if you read this, pretend you never saw it, so I can surprise you! The Peanut and I sampled these cupcakes only because I was absolutely dying to try the chocolate cake!
The flavor was delicious, perfect, and chocolatey. The cake was moist and not crumbly at all. The chocolate was not overwhelming but still very rich. I loved it. On Monday I took a lovey dovey cupcake in to work and gave it to the maintenance guy for the building, who has asked when I am going to bring in more he loved it so much.

****When I started to write this, it was before I went to my Superbowl party. I took the PATS cupcakes with me, and everyone gobbled them up- not even realizing that they were Gluten and Dairy Free. Which to ME- makes it to be a real winner right there. Even if the Pats didn't win!!!! BOO GIANTS!!!****

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