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For how long do I have to go back on a gluten diet in order to make it worth getting tested for celiac disease?

Posted by larkspur

I voluntarily began cutting out wheat then all gluten over two years ago, when i noticed that it caused deep and irritating phlegm and subsequent throat-clearing. It's seriously annoying enough to keep me from eating gluten. I have not been tested for celiac (and have no consistent symptoms indicating that I might have it except the production of phlegm/mucous that lasts for a day or two after I eat something with gluten). I only eat gluten now by accident, never on purpose.

So, I've read again and again the strong advice to not stop eating gluten until you've been tested. Well, it's too late. So, now how long do I have to go back to ingesting gluten in order to create the antibodies and, worse, the villi reduction, if I indeed do have celiac?

btw, I am also a type 1 diabetic, really the main reason I'm considering getting tested since I don't have digestive issues or other symptoms.

Thanks so much for any insight into this. 

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Try (HLA)-DQ2 or (HLA)-DQ8 genetic tests for celiac disease, it will help to rule out the disease. Results are not affected by gluten-free diets.

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