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Food in technocolor

Posted Jan 26 2012 10:10pm

Our food has never been so colorful. So full of flavor. We recently watched the documentary Forks Over Knives (wow, I just now get what the title means. Am I the most clueless person ever? I’m thinking yes. Forks over knives. Eat food that requires use of forks instead of knives. Ie: veggies are better than meat.. duh. Makes total sense now. Geez…).

Where was I? Oh yes, we watched that documentary and found it fascinating and just a bit exciting. Not that I’m going to hold to that philosophy in its entirety. We still eat meat and will continue to do so but I’ve cut back in the amount and upped our veggie intake even further.

colorful food!
excuse the photos – taken in a hurry with my iPhone

Look at that plate filled with glorious color. It’s like a painting. Red, green, orange, black, yellow, purple. Vibrant colors that are just bursting with flavor. So much more welcoming to the taste buds than bland rice or a bowl of oatmeal. And infinitely better for you.

Our breakfasts typically look something like this: sliced zucchini, green peppers, sweet peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, black olives, yellow squash, etc. Some days I’ll scramble some eggs over the top or like today, we’ll have some diced up ham. Toss it all in a frying pan with coconut oil and you have a meal that satisfies for hours (we ate 6 hours ago and I’m just now making dinner… I’m hungry but certainly not *starving to death*) and is so chock full of good health, it should come with a prescription. Or at the very least, a brownie point. (mmm.. brownies… best not to go there)

It will take some time for us to arrive at our permanent way of eating. There is so much information out there that one could literally follow a new whole-food diet of some kind or another every day and not run out of different viewpoints over months of doing this. For us, it boils down to several important facts.

1. Whole foods only.

2. Emphasis on fresh vegetables.

3. No processed food. No sugar. No soy. No dairy, corn, gluten (of course), grains of any kind, legumes, potatoes. No natural sugars (honey, agave – horribly allergic to that anyway – and the like). No artificial sweeteners or sugar-subs.

I have learned to love fruit again. I made a list of all the low-glycemic fruits and we have small bowls at breakfast and then for dessert after dinner. Berries, oranges, grapes. Delicious. Fresh. Healthy.

colorful food!
And look at the color. That is real food, folks. Good for you and great tasting. Is it any wonder that I now wake up in the morning craving my breakfast fry-up of assorted veggies? Yum.

(Those sweet peppers are like candy. Crunchy, sweet, bursting with garden-fresh flavor. Nom. Nom.)

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