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First Restaurant Experience!

Posted Jan 31 2011 7:46pm
Well it was bound to happen.  For a girl who used to love going out to eat; not being able to eat Gluten and going out to eat do not mix!  At home I can cook my meals with the knowledge of every ingredient that goes into them.  Still who doesn't love going out to eat once in awhile?!  My husband and I got together with good friends of ours and decided we would all go out to eat.  My first task was to research.  I got online and looked at a bunch of restaurants in the town we were going to meet.  I stumbled upon one restaurant that looked pretty decent and had something for everyone.  

When we got to the restaurant I opened up the menu and immediately found what I was going to eat.  Pan seared Atlantic sea scallops over maple spaghetti squash and an arugula salad!  It was amazing! and thankfully I could eat it and not feel threatened by what I could be digesting because there were no hidden ingredients, even the salad had only balsamic vinegar on it!  YUM! Now unfortunately everybody else thought there meals were just OK and were drooling slightly over my delicious gluten free friendly meal.  

I think my favorite part of this dinner though, was how I felt after.  Which was amazing! I usually never leave a restaurant feeling that great.  I was usually bloated so bad that I wouldn't want to go anywhere but home afterward.  Also I usually never finished a meal because I would be hurting halfway through, not to mention the portions YIKES! This time around I practically ate the plate! Granted proportionally it was perfect but also it didn't hurt to eat it! I left the restaurant feeling light as air and as good as I did going in. 
It is my suggestion that if you want a good restaurant experience and you are going or are gluten free then do your research ahead of time. A lot of restaurants even have gluten free menus if you ask, for instance Olive Garden has one if you ask your waiter for it.  Also talk to your waiter, they are usually more than willing to find out for you if there might be hidden gluten in your food.  Calling ahead to find out about gluten free options is always an option too.
Even though I had a great restaurant experience, I still advocate to just eat at home.  Its cheaper and you know what is going in your body, without any hidden surprises. But for those special times that you meet with friends, family or have a hot date ;-) then it is possible to eat and enjoy, without eating and regretting.
P.S. I feel the need to tell you that I am writing this blog while indulging in a Liz Lovely gluten free oatmeal raisin cookie! SOO GOOD! Plus they were half off at the Portsmouth Health Food Store so that makes them taste a little bit sweeter! me want cookie!

Peace, Love, and Eat Well,

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