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Family Feeding Frustration!

Posted May 06 2009 1:33pm

I tried a new dish for dinner tonight. It was out of Raman Prasad's cookbook 'Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet'. Even though I am not officially following the SCD, I like a lot of the recipes. The frustrating part is, my kids(18,17 & 13) barely touched it. I had the flounder with mango salsa, green beans, butternut squash and corn(I didn't eat corn). All they ate was a little fish and some corn. I have such a hard time feeding myself and the rest of my family in a way that satisfies everyone. I'm curious as to how other Celiacs feed themselves safe food while still pleasing the rest of the gang. Any ideas? I always say that I am just going to fix what I think is tasty and healthy and if they don't like it, they can eat peanut butter. The problem is, when I do that I have all this guilt that I am not fixing things they like! This has been a huge struggle for me ever since I found out I had Celiac and it has gotten harder since I have gone grain free. I am losing motivation to cook because I feel like it is impossible to please everyone. I would love to hear how others deal with this issue. Do you just feed everyone gluten free whether they like it or not? Do you fix separate things for the Celiacs of the family? How do you get your family to eat new things? Am I being unfair to expect them to change their diet becuase of me? Please leave comments if you have any suggestions:)

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