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Eleven Months

Posted Sep 10 2013 6:00am

This post is so delayed I thought about not putting one up at all! Adeline turned 11 months when we were out in Seattle! She’s looking and acting so much older lately, let’s take a peek at this past month, shall we?

11months 003 200x300 Eleven Months

We don’t visit the pediatrician until after her first birthday, so I’ll update her one year post with her current weight/height! She’s probably around 17lbs, and comes up to my mid-thigh. Very precise measuring techniques are used in the Cooper household.

Adeline is most definitely a proficient crawler. She can also pull up on almost any object. It’s kind of funny to me, because when she’s in a new place, she won’t really crawl. She’ll kind of stay in one spot and just look at the activity around her. However, if you offer your hands to help her “walk”, she will TAKE OFF “running”! She loves to “run” at the park, she does laps around the house, and she doesn’t seem to mind walking on mulch, concrete, grass or any other surface.

11months 009 Eleven Months

I got her a pair of shoes from WalMart (of all places), and I keep them in the diaper bag in case the playground is hot. She’s pretty clutzy in them, so I’ll only slip them on if I really need to. She’s definitely not walking on her own, she doesn’t even really like standing by herself for more than a second or two. But with just a little bit of help, she loves covering some ground on foot. (Future running buddy?!?)

GreenLakePark 001 200x300 Eleven Months

Our kiddo still loves to eat. She’s been a little bit pickier lately, if she’s bored or if she doesn’t care for something, it goes straight on the floor to our dog, Silas. Silas has had a steady intake of fruits and veggies ever since Adeline started eating solids. He doesn’t seem to mind.

11months 200x300 Eleven Months

I’m kind of starting to notice that if I don’t offer nursing to Adeline, she kind of forgets about it. We’re still nursing 4-5x per day on average (we “dropped” the feeding after her first nap over this past month), but I have a feeling that she will be dropping more nursing sessions soon. I’m trying to remember to offer water with every meal so she stays hydrated.

As I mentioned in our Seattle post , sleep was a pretty big issue while we were away. Adeline definitely adjusted to the 3hr time difference (going to bed at 5:30 Seattle time instead of 2:30 Seattle time (5:30 our time)), but she had a pretty poor quality of sleep. The first full day that we were home, Adeline took two 2+ hour naps that day AND slept through the night. She really likes (and needs) her sleep, and she is SUCH a pleasant baby to be around when she is well-rested!

11months 004 300x200 Eleven Months

Adeline cut her first TWO teeth this month! Her first tooth (top right) came in on September 5th and the second (top left) on September 8th. Her top incisors are RIGHT THERE, so I’m expecting to see those sometime close to her first birthday! No signs of any teeth on the bottom yet!

Adeline has been VERY vocal lately. She had a few days where she called everything and everyone “Ada”, and now we think she’s saying her name. It sounds like “Ada-dine”. We’ll flip through her picture book and she can point out mama and dada, and when we ask her who that baby is, she’ll point at her chest and say “Ada-dine”.

11months 012 300x200 Eleven Months

She babbles a lot sometimes, but not in new places or around people she doesn’t know very well. She makes a bunch of animal noises: Elephant, Dog, Cow, Chicken, Lion, Tiger, Bear, and she tries to do a meow for  a Cat. It seems like she has a new favorite book each day, I’m glad she enjoys reading,

11months 002 200x300 Eleven Months

Let’s see… I think that’s about it! We’re slowly starting to get geared up for her first birthday party, I can’t wait to share what we threw together!

Mommies: When did your little one drop to 1-2 nursing sessions or bottles per day? When did your little one transition to one nap?

Everyone else: Do you have any ideas for a savory fall-ish snack? I’m looking for snack ideas for Adeline’s b-day party!

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