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Eight Months

Posted May 31 2013 8:16am

Didn’t I just write Adeline’s 7 month post ? How has 3/4 of the year passed already?

8 months old 004 thumb Eight Months

We don’t go to the doctor until her 9 month checkup, but Adeline weighs right around 16 pounds and I just measured her (with a ruler, so it’s super accurate) and she is 27 inches tall. To continue our penchant for weighing Adeline in strange places , we plopped her on the scale at the groomer when we took Silas to get his summer shave. I wonder where we will attempt to check her weight next?

8 months old 001 thumb Eight Months

Adeline really enjoys eating (and making a HUGE mess!) She hasn’t been picky so far and she’ll eat anything (including mulch and rocks, oops!). We started at 6 months with egg yolks (everything was A-OK), and then tried a whole egg a few weeks later. The whole-egg experience left her with a slight rash around her mouth, so we switched back to yolks. However, even with just preparing the yolk for her, she continued to get a slight rash (when she had none before). We’ll try some yolk again next month (eggs are such an EASY food), but we’ll cut it out if we need to!

6 months baby led weaning thumb Eight Months

New foods this month included yogurt, cheese, and Daniel said he gave her a little bit of bread one day when I wasn’t looking. I plan on keeping Adeline gluten-free for a while, just because I would feel really bad if I gave her gluten and she reacted to it. I’m the one with celiac disease, and I think I’m being a little bit too emotional about it. However, nothing terrible happened after Daniel gave her a bit of bread. I don’t know if or how we will go about introducing gluten-containing things into her diet quite yet.

8 months old 010 thumb Eight Months

She isn’t crawling, but she’s definitely moving. She can scoot backwards while sitting on the hardwood floor, and she pushes herself backwards and around in a circle on her belly. It looks like she wants to pull up to standing if she’s near a sturdy object but she hasn’t quite figured that one out yet. Adeline is perfectly content with sitting and playing with toys, her favorite toys include wooden spoons, plastic cups and blocks.

image thumb Eight Months

Nothing much to say on sleeping (whoo!) She’s still taking 2 naps, and sleeping through the night. I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) that whenever teeth appear that it doesn’t throw her off too badly. We’ll see though!

8 months old 007 thumb Eight Months

She loves feeding herself. If you load up a spoon with some yogurt, she will pick it up out of the bowl and get *most* of it into her mouth. Her other favorite way to have yogurt is to scoop it out of the bowl with her hand. It makes for quite the mess, but what is an extra load of laundry?

She’s also communicating more. I can ask for “kisses” and sometimes I’ll get an open mouth on my cheek. She does a high-pitched whiny noise when she can’t get to something, and there are a few noises she does when she gets frustrated.

8 months old thumb Eight Months

My sister, Maggie, is living with us this summer. I’m so excited for Adeline to get to know one of her aunts! I’m also excited to be able to leave the house after she goes to bed at night WITH Daniel! Before, we just kind of tag teamed who got to leave the house, but if my sis is around, we can go do something in the evenings TOGETHER! (<– I’m obviously excited about that)

Does time keep passing so quickly as kids grow up? What is something new that YOU (or your little one) did this month?

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