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EarthDay BirthDay Brownies

Posted Apr 22 2009 12:00am
Well, today is Earth Day, April 22. A celebration that crosses over cultural and religious lines. People all over our planet celebrate what it means to live a life consciously to how we care for the earth. I love this day for two reasons: for what earth day promotes and, also because it is my birthday. I think for that reason alone, I find this day to connect me to how I live and want to promote a better way to live on earth. Being "green" talk is popular today, but to really think about it, it is something that we can live out and make changes to our lifestyle more and more all year long. This day is really just an awareness day that causes people to really start asking how we can continue to make this earth a place we can say we have done all that we can to care for. Caring for what God has given us, the air we breath, the beauty of creation. to care for it is a way to say thanks to God for all of life He has bestowed.

A few thoughts on how to live better for you and our earth:

*Buy less packaged foods. You will not be spending your money and supporting companies that are wasteful with plastic and other packaging. Instead, shop at the farmer's market or buy whole foods that do not require packaging. Whole foods like, vegetables, grains, fruits, and bulk
beans and rice. You will find that eating gluten and dairy free can actually be very good for the environment too.

*Buy organic. Organic foods are not sprayed with harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides so that means there is less wear on the environment, and on you body. So, organic companies may charge you a bit more, but mainly because they are fighting a system that is not helping our environment big picture. Eating organic may be better for your health in fighting inflammation, but it is also better for our soils, air we breath and our future as a whole.

*Eating local. If you eat local you are not only keeping business within our own economy, but you are causing less fuel use and resources because you are not supporting foods to be transferred from across the globe, and you are supporting less pollution. So instead of shopping and large corporation stores or business, think local and support a more localized cleaner economy.

*Let your life shine. Sometimes your actions of recycling, buying organic, and local, speak louder than words. So don't just rant on and on about being "green"... Live a life out load in
what you believe in. If you believe in the future of our earth and our children. The earth, that our God Creator, has given us to care for... then, taking little steps to really do what you believe in is more important that you may think.

So, we need a good recipe today!
I will post my birthday treat...

Peanut Butter Garbanzo Bean Brownies

3 cups cooked and rinsed garbanzo beans (or 2 whole cans of organic garbanzo works too)
6 whole free range chicken eggs
2 cups organic sucanant (raw cane sugar)
1 ts. of baking powder
2 ts. of vanilla
4 TB of creamy organic peanut butter
3 cups of dark chocolate chips or carob chips. Or about 6 ounces of dark chocolate. I used a mixtures of left over dark chocolate chips and a organic chocolate all melts together anyway so don't worry about what form it is in.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Put the chocolate in a glass container and microwave for 2 minutes

Put the eggs and beans in a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients, including the melted chocolate and continue to blend until creamy.

Smooth into a greased (with spectrum organic shortening) 9x13 baking pan and bake for 30-35 minutes depending on your oven.

Serve up warm or cooled with some powdered sugar sprinkling or whatever you like to do with brownies.

This cake is another all-time FAVORITE chocolate cake and it comes from the best gluten-free, dairy-free baking mix I know of.... The Namaste Foods Co. Chocolate Cake will not disappoint. I will leave your guests oooing and awwwing...It is the most moist cake I have ever eaten in my whole life and I continue to make it for many birthday occasions. This day, it is my cake. Hmmm. My mom made it for me and she of course wanted to decorate. I loved it!

Much love and peace to you today! Have a beautiful day.
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