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Dance Fever

Posted Oct 01 2008 4:27pm
Well if finally happened. There are two people in my office who are sick, they sit on either side of me and their sickness and germies came over the cube walls... I got it too! Half the day yesterday coughing, feeling hot, cold, and in some dream like state. My throat is on fire and all I was thinking was- how in the halibut am I going to go to dance class???

I made it there! One thing I know from dancing for the last three years is that nothing beats an illness like a round of dancing. So I went home early and took my temperature- it was almost 100! My normal body temperature is around 97- so this was a significant fever. Three Tylenol and a two hour nap later I was ready for dance. Sort of... Ok, ok, I admit it, I'm home from work and still feeling kind of crappy. But I didn't let it affect the dance!

More of an ego stroke last night, the studio placed me in their Bronze Intermediate program. When I had left the dance studio two years prior I was JUST beginning Social Foundation. So think of it as starting as a Freshman in college and leaving for two years and being allowed to begin as a Junior- even though I never formally studied at the school. It was exciting. BritishTwo told me that BritishOne had said, "We've got to get this girl back here, she's amazing!"

So here is my dilema... how do I pay for all of this?

It would be about $2,000 to finish up their Bronze program and do a showcase number. Or there is their unit pricing option where you buy a lesson (for $125) and then get unlimited group classes the next week. This might be my best option.

Or I can stick with just doing group classes and practice parties. Practice Party is $15, group class is $18. I'm not sure of what to do...

Do I take out a loan? Do I get a second job- Which is what I am thinking I might have to do. I could start teaching maybe and get experience and dancing in that way, but I don't think I could handle the time commitment. *sigh* So many things to think about! If anyone has any ideas, let me know!!!

I'll be home all day.. trying to think while I'm doped up on Tylenol and Orange Juice.

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