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Dance Dance Dance!

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:31am
I'm in love!!!!

On Friday night I decided to take the plunge and attend a dance class. Taste Tester was hanging out with his brother and friends, the parents were around to watch the Peanut, and I was itching to go dancing- just not in a club! So I went to a local dance studio- (where I have been before) for a practice party. And I loved it!

The studio is under new management and there is a whole slew of new teachers there. None of the teachers recognized me but several of the students did which made the evening go by a lot easier. I am not a social butterfly when I don't know anyone in the room so it was nice to be able to chat with people and dance with the other gentlemen there. Especially one of the teachers and the studio owner, who practically begged me to come back.

I have to give myself an ego boost here. I heard from the teacher, I will call him BritishOne: "You are wasting your talent. You need to keep dancing!" And from the studio owner, named BritishTwo: "You are incredible! You are wasting your talent by hiding out and not dancing!". The female teacher I danced with, a leggy Russian girl, said my frame was perfection.

There- ego boost over! I went home like a giddy little school girl who just got her first kiss on the playground. Wild! I loved every second of it. They managed to talk me into at least going to a couple of lessons. I think I will be able to go to the practice parties and a few group classes once in a while. It was great to be on the dance floor without a care in the world. But I have a lesson with BritishOne tomorrow night and one with BritishTwo on Friday.

I met up with Taste Tester after and told him about the night. He completely supports my decision to get back out there and rock the dance floor. Plus- in our new apartment, there are hardwoods in the bedroom and the bedroom is HUGE. So he agreed to learn how to dance the basics before he came to a class with me. Ladies if you can snag a guy who can either dance or is willing to get out there and learn- you have yourself a keeper!

More on the dancing later! Tonight- its DWTS Season premiere- I'll be glued to the TV!
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