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Cruel! The clippers ten minutes 0 goals at the SAN Antonio spurs will perfect revenge victory

Posted Feb 23 2013 2:33am
The west two competition among the top teams, who also have never thought will become a one-sided slaughter. The spurs in a 116-90 win, with only the final points difference not enough to explain the deadly game, because the spurs most time once leading 34 points. But even if the last fast ships lost 26 points, that also a they of the AdiZero Rose 3.0 season's biggest single-game record lose points. And in the second quarter to the third section has more than ten minutes of the time, the clippers no one hit mobile warfare goals, entirely to the other party overrun. The game is the clippers 77th sell out tickets, because Paul and griffin, etc to force, with the former three-point banker it can be said that the team is scatter gun in artillery, not to mention the playoffs safe and secure, impact championship is very likely. This season they had in the first two times against the SAN Antonio spurs and all ended in a victory, two games won 27 points. But tonight, they tasted each other badly. The time on the spot to the third quarter 4 points with 46 seconds, balak's stroke successful, this one is the clippers today the 53 points. It is not just the meaning of adding two points, because before that, from the second quarter with three points the seconds began, the clippers had not been made in mobile warfare a ball, has been to the butler this ball appear, apart the AdiZero Crazy Light 2 whole ten points and 15 seconds. In fact, the spurs still hold the initiative, the first quarter lead 13 points, half almost say is lock the victory. On the third day with 3 points and 19 seconds, two teams points difference first came to 30 points. And home audience watched the jury is so, they move to leave, so big a staples arena, only a few loyal to the sparse cried out, "the clippers go". Count the all-star weekend, the spurs recently is under a wave even guest, today is their game 7, the three-game winning results. By today, the SAN Antonio spurs record has come to 44-12 negative, ahead of the rest of the league teams. Need to mention is that the last time they win the clippers that many points, dating back 2010 years ago on March 13,, almost three years. If you want to add the definition on the road to get it back to March 2, 2009, four years ago. From the point of view, this is the season they lose the most games at home, if add the definition, the last time to lose so much will AdiZero Rose 2.0 be back in 2010 on March 3, it is 3 years. Since 1997, the spurs selected since Duncan, this team has 15 years is always stands on the top league, maybe someone questioned their core age aging, but every year they will quietly is among the top league. So far, the SAN Antonio spurs record of 44-12 negative, losing 78.6%, this is their team the best in the history of the regular season, losing to the 2005 - season, when they regular season 63-19 negative, losing 76.8%. And today's contest, believe in the playoffs, no matter who met them, and will bear all the consequences. The SAN Antonio spurs on the road today challenge the clippers, the former array centre-back Tony parker continue to start the game, the he only play and points, 16 seconds he made 12 of July 7, the penalty for 31 points and seven assists, and this is his career 26 para Paul has the highest score, in the lack of playing time 29 minutes cases get 30 + points, this is also the first career. Charles barkley the truth, parker should be elected this season's MVP, and ultimately the spurs to a 116-90 win. The third section 7 points and 14 seconds, parker in free throws Cheap Kobe 8 the ball near the top of the coil, in the face of Paul's defense, the former direct a accelerated went to the impact. Although can't immediately get rid of, but half between the arm's length let Paul can only follow behind crazy chase. Finally, parker choose layup, Paul can only use foul to stop. Such a lens in this happened several times, but at the time, the SAN Antonio spurs are leading the clippers and points.
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