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Create Your Own Green Smoothie

Posted Mar 21 2011 5:16am
Do you have a blender? Do you know how to buy spinach, bananas and blueberries? Then you should have the base of almost any smoothie that you would want to make and actually drink! :)

If you have been thinking to yourself that you should start eating more clean, or maybe even consider a "detox" from crappy foods then maybe the act of making a green smoothie once a day will help boost your life up with more incentive. Remember, only thinking about being healthy is half of the have to make yourself try something new and work hard to stay committed.
You can do this. It is actually not that hard, and if you know how to mix and match a few ingredients then you can have a smoothie that has some phytonutrient power and nutrients. Here are a few suggestions I have for those starting from scratch in the green smoothie dept.
Pick one item from the following categories:

Base Sweet Fruit: about 1 cups worth

Base Green item: about 1 cups worth

Antioxidant/color fruit: about 1 cups worth
Berry mix

Liquid item: use about 1 cup of one of the following
Coconut milk
Nut milk
Rice/ hemp milk
Non-dairy yogurt
Pomegranate juice
organic apple or grapefruit juice

Little extra boosters to mix in: you can pick more than one of these or all of them
1 scoop of rice/plant protein
1 TB of chloraphyl
1 TB of fish oil or flax oil
1 TB of flax or chia seed meal
1 TB of freshly grated ginger
1 TB of fresh lemon or lime juice

Some other daring additions to try out:
fresh herbs like parsley or basil (mint is also a favorite addition)
shredded celery or carrots
super foods like cacao, maca, and goji

That is just a basic idea of how to match up a sweet fruit, a green, a colorful berry, a liquid and then any other additions that you may want to add in for an extra boost. So, if you are starting out then I recommend starting with banana, spinach and blueberries... those are all very easy to buy and put in a blender. A banana you just peal, spinach you don't have to cut special, and blueberries are a pretty common smoothie mixer.

The more you make smoothies the more you will know what you like, or maybe you will mix together some kale, spinach with a variety of mango pineapple and berries... you can mix and match, but the key is to have one from each category if you want it to taste best and be a good blend.

Also, if you use frozen fruit it will make the smoothie cold... if you don't use frozen fruit and you want it colder than fridge temps then I recommend adding 1 cup of crushed ice and maybe a touch more liquid. That will help it all move and mix together.

Today I made a little smoothie to get some extra fish oil in my system... so I made a coconut milk, banana, spinach, frozen cherry, fish oil, chia seed and mint smoothie. It seems like sometimes you should mix certain things up together, but then it turns out beautifully. And yummy. Plus is was the perfect afternoon snack for this nursing momma.

I hope you try this one out. If you do not have a blender, but you have a Vitamix, Magic Bullet or Ninja, you can obviously use any of those products as well. And, if you live in west michigan, they are having a "green smoothie challenge" to all the locals that shop at the Harvest Health stores in the Grand Rapids area. I am sure you can unit with a friend and start making smoothies together to help each other get more fresh foods in your life this spring.

Some more smoothie ideas look here: Food as Medicine blog

Happy Spring to you all, and much love!

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