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Cookbook Review:Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook by Robert M. Landolphi

Posted Aug 19 2009 10:08pm
I am starting to feel more confident with my gluten free cooking. Although I like high quality ingredients and flavorful meals, I am also not opposed to using a gluten free mix to save  time and frustration.
Initially, I felt discouraged with gluten free cooking, as everything I made flopped. So, I stuck with naturally gluten free foods and specialty mixes. To me, there is nothing worse than spending a great deal of time and a sizable amount of money on special ingredients, only to have the dish or dessert  make a beeline for my trash can. What a waste!
I have been gluten free for three years now, and I am finally getting the courage to start experimenting with recipes again.  When my copy of Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook arrived in the mail. I felt pretty excited to see what kind of recipes were waiting inside.  To be honest, my initial flip through left me feeling overwhelmed and a little intimidated. Not only did the recipes sound fancy ( hazelnut- encrusted salmon with cilantro-lime creme anyone?) but some of the the ingredient lists were quite long.  However, as I read further, I realized that the recipe directions were short, concise and incredibly easy to follow. Whew! Maybe there was hope after all.
I tried many of the 100 or so recipes in this book- everything from appetizers to desserts.  Almost every recipe turned out incredible, and my gluten eating friends and family raved about how flavorful they were. I must admit, because this is a from-scratch cookbook, the preparation times were pretty long for a intermediate cook like myself.  But I think the extra time and effort was worth it.
Some features of this cookbook I liked:
* A chapter on gluten free basics: explanations and nutritional values for 25 gluten free flours and starches; nuts & seeds and basic cooking definitions
* A chapter dedicated to eating out from a chef’s perspective
* Well rounded chapters that include soups, entrees, side dishes, pies & cakes, quick bread, biscuits etc, cookies & sweet bars, puddings & mouses & cobblers
* Clear, concise, simple to understand directions
* Flavorful recipes that are great for everything from simple family dinners of  country style chicken pot pie, to extravagant dinner parties featuring African peanut soup, coffee-encrusted beef tenderloin with port wine sauce, smoked gouda polenta with candied banana cream pie.
* Exercise caution when making the pies- they are all incredibly addicting!
* No “junk” recipes to make the cookbook longer- each recipe is tasty and purposeful
* Affordable price - only $11.55 on! ( link is below)

* Some of my favorite recipes: pecorino pizza crust, key lime & chocolate cream pies, shrimp and vegetable pad thai, parmesan pesto chicken with pecans

* There are no sandwich bread recipes- only quick and sweet breads.  There is a recipe for breadsticks and pizza crust though.
* Recipes use a variety of flours - you will need a well stocked gluten free pantry to make many of the recipes
* Most of the recipes are from multi-step from scratch and may take beginning cooks longer to make
Overall, I really, really like this cookbook. I feel like it helps me create more flavorful dishes that I actually want to make again.

The author of this cookbook, Robert M. Landolphi has a degree in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales University and began creating gluten free  meals for his wife, who was diagnosed with adult- onset Celiac disease.


If you are interested in purchasing this cookbook, check your local bookstore, natural food store, or

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