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Clean Eating & Vegetarian

Posted by HealthyAbandon Health Maven

Anyone know the best way to maintain a vegetarian, clean eating lifestyle while dealing with Celiac Disease. Eating out is always so challenging! I can manage great at home with the challenges of dietary restrictions, but eating out at over at friends or family always seems so difficult. Any ideas?? Or just keep bringing my own food to events and not eat out...
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More and more restaurants are creating dishes that accommodate to those with Celiac Disease.  Before going out to dinner with your friends, research restaurants in the area and see what places offer gluten free meals so you don't have to stress about your meal.  

As for going over to your friends houses, it's hard for them to understand how to cook truly gluten free.  Try calling a head of time to see what the menu is.  Once you know what your friends will be eating, try and make something similar at your house and bring it over.  I can understand the frustration of this, but if you go this route you can guarantee safe meals for yourself.  If you are up to it, why don't you have your friends and family over for dinner?  Create a gluten free meal and show them how delicious gluten free food is.  

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