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Checking In with a Triumph Dining Card Giveaway To Promote Celiac Awareness

Posted Jul 30 2008 4:15pm

I know I have been quiet lately. Balancing kids on summer vacation in a new town while trying to sort through the last of our moving boxes is taking a long time. I have been so busy, in fact, that I have opted for naturally gluten free snacks ( cheese, fruit etc) and meals to get me through. Thus, no reviews.

When I write a review, it is usually about a gluten free product that looks good or seems unique or interesting to me that I find in a store or online. Up until today I found almost nothing gluten free to try in my new area, much less review. I was also having a hard time preparing meals without gluten free basics like my favoritegluten free flourorgluten free baking powder. I was starting to feel frustrated. And hungry.

That’s right, today my gluten free sister Kristina and I checked out a new store south of Salt Lake City calledAgainst the Grain. I still think I am in shock, because EVERYTHING in the store is gluten free. No Kidding. I think I almost passed out. I just didn’t think a store like that existed! No more hours of label reading- I could shop freely and easily with no worries of hidden gluten. After loading up on some new mixes, cooking basics and fresh gluten free bread, fresh gluten free hamburger buns and fresh gluten free sugar cookies (that left my picky kids drooling over), I unloaded my goodies in the gluten free pantry section in my kitchen. What a site! I can now cook meals and bake gluten free goodies whenever I want.

Right now I am in the process of testing some gluten free products to write about, but until I am done, Kelly fromTriumph Diningsent me the following email to promote their exciting offer to give awayFREE Dining Cardsto help raise funds to promote awareness forceliac disease.

You don’t have to buy a thing! Just sign up and pass along the news to your friends and fellow bloggers.The email reads as follows:

Hi Karen,

I’m writing you today to let you know about Triumph Dining’s new give-away that we’re doing in August to raise money for Celiac Disease awareness, called the $10k Challenge. I hope this is something you would like to share with your readers.

Triumph Dining is giving away FREE American Dining Cards until the end of August. There’s absolutely no purchase necessary. Your readers can simply visit participate and get a free dining card.

The purpose of this give-away is to raise money for Celiac Disease Awareness. If 15,000 people to sign up for free dining cards, Triumph Dining will make a $10,000 donation in support of a national celiac disease awareness campaign. When we hit our goal, we’ll ask you and the gluten free community to help us decide which non-profit(s) receives the donation.

We’re trying to build awareness on two fronts: With 15,000 more dining cards on the street, we’ll be educating more restaurants about the gluten free diet faster. And, with $10,000 funding behind a national campaign, we can diagnose and educate more Celiacs.

The FREE dining card offer is available at we’ll be posting regular progress reports on our blog at

I hope you’ll tell your readers about this promotion. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks and keep blogging,


Kelly, I am more than happy to do so. Good luck with your goal!

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