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Celiac Disease- Diet

Posted Jul 05 2012 4:16am

With celiac disease becoming more and more known about worlwide more people are getting tested and properly diagnosed. After being diagnosed myself a while back I immediatly switched to a 100% gluten-free lifestyle. I did feel tremendously better after eliminating gluten from my diet. I didn't however feel 110% quite yet. After my own research and talking to many fellow celiacs I decided the best course for me was to try going completely grain-free. I cut out all grain, quinoa and potatos from my diet. Many people asked me, " well, what do you eat then?" I eat plenty. Protein, nuts, fruit, vegitables, etc. 


I noticed a huge difference going grain-free.  Not only did I feel great but I also finally was able to drop those couple pounds that just wouldnt leave me alone! I am running into more and more celiacs who are switching to being grain-free with huge success. My mother, Tina Turbin, was labled what is called " unresponsive celiac". Which means that even after cutting gluten out of her life she still wasn't getting better. She switched to a grain-free, dairy-free diet and finally started to recover. 


I know what its like going from doctor to doctor not getting answers or solutions. With such an amazing celiac community we are working together to spread an understanding of celiac disease and hopefully one day coming up with a cure so we can once again indulge in some gluten from time to time.  Until then, if you are having troubles regardless of cutting gluten out of your diet, try cutting out all grains. You may not feel a difference in just a few days but try it for a month and see how you feel. It just may be what you have been looking for. 


Miranda Jade Turbin 

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