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Caturday Fun

Posted Jan 26 2013 10:22am

We’ve gotten a lot of adorable visitors lately. No, the foxys aren’t back, but our back porch is still full.

These pics may take a minute to load, but the full sized versions are so much cuter.

Genghis mindfully contemplates food…good thing little chip has the safety of a door!



Once we put up the bird feeder, we got many more visitors. G is taken with all of the birdies (AKA flying tasty cakes) The funny thing is that he thinks I’m going to intercede on his behalf, which is really a hoot. He’s also most enamored with the brightly colored birdies. Maybe they’ve got more antioxidants?He was also very specific about his Christmas request: Mom, I want THAT one!


Sorry, buddy, no squirrels for you.

Most of the squirrels seem oblivious to the cats…




Sometimes it feels like…somebody’s watching me…



We’ve also got a new squirrel who (literally) knocks on the window with a nut in his mouth. He/she’s a shameless little beggar, and it drives the cats wild. As DH put it, “The local squirrels love our bird feeder, and don’t seem to care about our cats at all. The reverse isn’t so true.” Every now and then, G forgets his surroundings, pounces and smacks right into the glass (we try not to snicker too loudly)

Here Houdini goes stalking:


The squirrel was totally disinterested in Hou. In fact, he kept jumping to different perches so he could see inside and better make his case for more bird seed.

I do feel badly for the guys, because I think the furry and feathery friends are an insult to their cat-liness. But I also adore watching the birds and the squirrels. It definitely relaxes me, and I take more breaks to watch, which is a plus!

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