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Best Exercises For Those Battling A Weight Problem

Posted Mar 19 2011 1:56am
If you're someone who has more than 30 pounds to lose, chances are there are some exercises that just aren't going to feel all that comfortable for you. You do have quite a bit of excess body fat and if you're performing some of the higher intensity activities then joint pain is almost certainly to follow up soon.

Far too many people use excess weight as an excuse to stop them from stepping into the gym, which is a big shame because this is precisely what these people need. Instead, they should seek out the exercises that will make them feel more comfortable while burning off calories.

Let's have a look at the top exercise choices for those who are battling a serious weight problem.

The very first exercise that should be considered is swimming or taking an aquasize class. These are perfect because they're entirely non-impact, yet will burn off hundreds of calories per session & slowly moving you closer to your ideal weight goal.

Since you will also be working against the resistance of the water during an aquasize class, not only do you see great cardiovascular benefits from this form of activity, but you'll also gain muscle strength as well. It will make your waistline smaller & your heart healthier.

Moving on, rowing is the next activity that you must consider doing if you're going to see good results from your workout without experiencing any discomfort.

Rowing is perfect since it is a great calorie burner & unlike walking/running, there is no up and down motion, thus it won’t place any stress on the joints. It is also good for boosting the strength and muscle definition in the quad, hamstrings, shoulders, back, and bicep muscles, so it will provide a number of key benefits that will help to transform your body.

If you can add thirty minutes of rowing two or three times per week to your overall workout routine, it won't be long before you notice a huge difference in front of the mirror.

Bodyweight Exercises
Moving on, bodyweight exercises are another must-do for those who are battling a weight problem. Many of those who are quite overweight are a little tentative about the thought of lifting free weights not only because they may be uncomfortable in that area of the gym but because they are worried it will cause them to gain even more weight, & this makes bodyweight exercises a better alternative for those who are concerned with those issues mentioned above.

It is important that you incorporate strength and conditioning exercises into your workout routine because this will not only help increase your fitness and muscle strength level, but as you build up muscle mass it will help to increase the metabolism, making your body burning off body fat faster all day long.

Bodyweight training proves to be perfect in this scenario since you will find you get good resistance due to the excess body fat you're carrying and these exercises can be performed right in the comfort of your own home.

It's going to be very important that you work on flexibility as this will help you perform other activities with more ease and help to make you feel much more comfortable as well.

Some yoga exercises are using compound movement, which in turns will burn off more calories as you work on several body parts at the same time, so this is what every person should focus on if they want to shed off that body fat fast.

So there you have the top exercises that you should consider if you are someone who is battling a weight problem and experiencing some trouble. All of these will help take your fitness to the next level and ensure you enjoy the workouts while you do them.

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