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Belstaff IcOn Jackets Belstaff Jackets Kids

Posted Aug 09 2011 3:37am

Zhe wild except work, is in the hospital. Often wake up from the coma, immediately for his people, and will soon see, can ease. I heard him on the phone and YeLan die: yao is sic Cheap Belstaff saleBelstaff Jackets Mens k, and I won't have time in days, she was well I contact you. And I laugh, if I can let his disease, every day, so I keep my long disease. What can't afford
Live a week only home court. Zhe wild in the stairs I put the sofa, evening lay in the top, I slightly action he had climbed up visit.
I think of smaller, my little bed in the room, zhe wild midnight I wanted to go to the toilet, oneself felt up, but zhe wild always soon heard, help me to turn on the lights and said: die die be careful. Until my elementary school, just his sleep.
YeLan bought many flowers and fruit to visit me. I polite thank her. Her cooking is very delicious, but I can't eat. I went back to the room lie down.
I dream. Dream of zhe wild and YeLan finally Belstaff IcOn JacketsBelstaff Jackets Kids married, they are very young, YeLan wearing a white yarn appearance is very beautiful, but I so much is to be incredibly of the role of the flower. Zhe wild pleasant smile, but just don't look back at my one eye, I clear smell on the bridal bouquet of lilies scent drifting...... I fiercely sitting up, wake up. A long time, and lay back down and despair of closed my eyes.
In the dark I heard zhe wild walked in, then the head of a bed small lights opened. He sighs: do what dream? Cried so much. I pack to sleep, but tears as leaking tap, walked down to the corner of the ear drops. Zhe wild warm fingers again and again to delimit the tears, but how also can not stop.
This disease, lingering for more than ten days. Well, Buy replica Louis Handbagreplica louis vuitton Handbag I and zhe such as wild all thin a big circle. He said, or back home to live it, school so DuoRen a dormitory, the air is not good.
Day after day he drive motorbike shuttle I.
On the face of his back, the in the mind is always pleased and pain,.
Later YeLan never came to our house. After a very long time, Sale BelstaffSale Belstaff Jackets I was sure that, YeLan also and the female teacher is same, it is the past tense.
I graduated from smooth, took office.
I'm happy, peaceful, not the side wu, only I and zhe wild. Since I can't say what, so that the status quo is good.
But god is not willing to give me so long a time of happiness.
Zhe wild at the site to dizzy. The doctor diagnosed is Belstaff Jackets OutletBelstaff Online Sale late liver cancer. My pain urgent, but still know gave cool ask a doctor: how many days? The doctor said: a year, maybe longer.
I put the zhe wild home. He did not lie in bed, the day I go to work, please a clock care, noon and night, I take care of him by.
Zhe wild say with smile: look, let I to drag down the, it should be going out on a date with her boyfriend?
I also smiled: boyfriend? That's not only water thousand mountain wounds.
After dinner, every day I and zhe wild go for a walk. I walking arm in arm with his arm. Than in the past, his thin away is still tall stranger in the exotic, eyes, this is also a tianlun figure, only I, Belstaff Outlet StoreMen Belstaff Trialmaster Jackets in the beauty of the representation of the cruel reality. See I awake of sadness, I clear see me and zhe wild last days went by quickly disappear in.
Zhe wild quiet life as usual. Reading a book, design drawings. Hour Labour said, every day he has most of the time is waiting in the study.
I'm more and more like a study. After dinner always each make a cup of tea, and zhe wild and seating, a game of chess, the lower poker. And then help zhe wild sort out his material. He has a pile provisions I wasn't allowed to move things. I wonder about. Finally one day before he not peep.
That is a thick several big diary.
"Die die got two front teeth, go off work to meet her, swung to pounce on my arms."
"Ten years old of birthday, die die a vow to Louis Vuitton HandbagSale Louis Vuitton Bag zhe wild uncle said always young. I laugh, small die young, she is really I die of a XieYuHua lonely career."
"Today sent to report for duty, die die young university, I took her to himself to how she has grown into a beautiful young girl, and I, I hope she's life at 20. Don't like me forlorn."
"QiuFei told me YeLan recent situation, but not as well as to meet in the imagination of my much older. She transport ourselves, although young when grace didn't change. She did not conceal the I still remaining favor."
"Die die pneumonia. Drifted keep call out my name, but will only to wake up my tears. I'm shocked. I didn't expect to get married and YeLan's influence on her so big."
"Send back to school, think yao yao back SouSou cool, take off your clothes, only to discover that examines wet good big piece. Alas, the child."
"The doctor announced my life has a year left. I die, fear not, die young, she is one of my great thing. After my death, how to let her health is happy life, is my first consider the question."
I held the diary book and tears the rustling dropped down. It turned out that he was know, originally he know.
In a few days, the fold the notebook is gone. Cheap Moncler jackets saleDiscount womens moncler I know zhe wild has already dealt with. He didn't want to I know he know my mind, but he didn't know I already know.
Zhe wild is the next spring go. Dying, he held my hand and said, wanted to keep you personally have a good boy hand, watched his help you wear the ring to just walk, too late.
I smile. He forgot that I ring, twenty years old when he help me buy.
Desk drawer have him a letter, short a few words: die young, I went to die young, can want to me, but I don't always read serene and peaceful life, is the biggest comfort to me. Uncle.
I didn't cry very dark.
Woke up in the middle, I seem to hear him say: die die be careful.
In the study, I up sundry in cabinet corner found a dusty clay POTS of of primitive simplicity, very boring, I take out, to clean, has stayed, that top what adornment also have no, only four sentences YanTi: before I was born, born gentleman I was born king is old. At the same time every day, hate not born with the Belstaff JacketsShop Belstaff for Men king.
By now, my tears, just unbridled flooding.

King: I was born, I was not born gentleman already old
Prince was born, I hate my late king hate born early
King: I was born, I was not born gentleman already old
Born at the same time, hate not every day

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