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Bella Monica FlatBread Company

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:19pm

Tired of eating gluten-free pizzas that just don’t make the grade?  Have you given up on the idea that you will ever really have good slice of pizza again?  Well, you’ve given up too soon!  That’s because there is a gluten-free pizza on the market that will remind you of days gone past when you could eat the real thing.

Bella Monica FlatBread Company, based out of Raleigh, North Carolina has come out with a gluten-free pizza that the whole family can enjoy.  Available in three varieties: mushroom & herbs, spinach & tomato, and margherita, these flatbreads are made with a fresh blend of sharp Asiago and creamy Mozzarella cheeses. 

Bella Monica also has a unique cooking method:  they bake the fresh toppings and raw dough together so that the flavors blend, giving the flatbreads that flavor you remember from the pizzeria.  They also use olive oil and roasted garlic in the flatbread base.  I guarantee you, when you pop one of these pizzas in the oven, the aroma will tell you that you are not going to be eating another ordinary gluten-free pizza.  This is the real thing.

When I do a food or product review, I always ask the people behind the product why and how they started selling gluten-free food.  Trevor Chambers of Bella Monica FlatBread Company explained:

“The gluten free diet can have an isolating effect on one’s psyche.  For example, one just can’t go to just any restaurant because few have gluten free menus or even know what gluten is. A child on the GF diet has to eat the “special pizza” while her sibling who is not on a GF diet eats “regular pizza”.  So, Bella Monica’s mission is to create products that extend the table to gluten intolerant and non-gluten intolerant alike because sitting around a dinner table, eating a common meal is such a basic human experience that no one should miss out on.  Like our nana said, “Everyone, come to the table!  Mangia! Mangia!”

If you want to see Bella Monica Flatbreads sold in your area, print out this sale sheet and bring it to your local supermarket.  If you happen to live in Raleigh, North Carolina, you can try the pizza out for yourself at the Bella Monica restaurant.  They have a very impressive gluten-free menu.

For those who reside in the Greater New Haven area, you can find Bella Monica FlatBreads at Edge of the Woods in New Haven.

I am excited about eating pizza again.  And you should be too.  This flatbread will not disappoint you.  You too will find yourself saying, “Mangia! Mangia!” , just like nana.

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