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Ashley's Gluten Free Palette

Posted Mar 06 2011 10:42am
I have been looking at my blog title Life Without Gluten and it has been bothering me. Life Without Gluten to me seems like I am missing something, my life without. Let me tell you I do not feel this way! I feel like my life without gluten is a positive thing in so many ways and has led me down a path of wellness with understanding of how my body functions.

I originally was going to write a blog about my vegan adventures and name it The Vegan Palette a play on my love for veganism and my love for art. However; not being vegan anymore due to my digestive issues (will explain in greater detail when I am ready)and finding out that I can no longer tolerate gluten led me to Life Without Gluten. Anyway...I have decided to change my blog name to Ashley's Gluten Free Palette. Whatcha think? I feel it sounds more like a positive spin on not being able to eat gluten.

Some of the items on my gluten free palette!

I am hoping that in writing this blog I can share my journey with others and provide support for those who are suffering from digestive and/or fertility issues. I would love to hear what kinds of things people are struggling with, i.e trying a gluten free diet or facing infertility. Maybe we have something in common. I am not an expert and will not tell you how you should eat but I will tell you what is working for me and suggest you play around with your current diet if you are not feeling up to par.

Here is some blogs (they also have fabulous recipes!) that I enjoy reading and have found incredibly helpful;
for fabulous raw desserts you have to check out;
This site has great tips on how to keep your mind healthy!
On a side note, those of you who follow my blog know that I am dropping out (I feel like a rebel!) of graduate school. I have one more week and then I am done! I am so excited to start the next chapter of my journey. I continue to be enlightened by new information everyday. Alright well I will leave you with that for now! It is a beautiful day out there today 40's in Maine and the birds are chirping! So I bid you adieu, and I hope you like my new title ;-)

Peace, Love and Eat Well,

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