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Analysts say Mr Abe to China diplomacy in protracted war contain China difficult to achieve

Posted Jul 19 2013 3:00am

Analysts say Mr Abe to China diplomacy in protracted war contain China difficult to achieve

July 19 (Reuters) (Li Yuxin) heavily on Japan's 2013 defense white paper, after the "China threat theory" successive prime minister, shinzo Abe, 17 from the diaoyu islands only hundreds kilometers of islands, show no concessions attitude to China; At the same time, the relationship between Japan and South Korea the ice to melt, the increasingly close, China and South Korea and Japan was "isolated". The senate before the election, Mr Abe beggar-thy-neighbor, malfeasance, domestic public opinion concern not only, more triggered dissatisfaction and neighbouring condemnation.

Rendering "China threat" Abe diplomacy with China in the long haul

As in the senate before the election, on July 17, Mr Abe to campaign speech ishigaki island near the diaoyu islands, and to reach the coast guard patrol ship for inspection. He for ishigaki maritime security staff, said he would "resolutely to protect people life and property", and "Japan's territory, territorial waters and airspace".

Again in the afternoon, Mr Abe to less than 200 km distance diaoyu island miyako for speech, and inspect air self-defense force base on the island. Said to be the base for the "monitor" in the east China sea and the diaoyu islands in the field of air and tasks, is main the self-defense forces a diaoyu islands "defense forces".

Japan's asahi shimbun said, under the background of sino-japanese relations remained tense, Mr Abe's these moves have the shore to Chinese propaganda. In addition, it also seems to mean that Mr Abe regime shows a kind of attitude, namely in the senate election after the policy of Japan over the diaoyu islands will not change.

For Mr Abe's words and deeds, China's foreign ministry spokesman responded that diaoyu island has been China's inherent territory since ancient times, China has indisputable sovereignty. The Chinese government will continue to take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the diaoyu islands territorial sovereignty. China urges Japan to face up to history and reality, stop all undermine China's territorial sovereignty provocative words and deeds, in an effort to properly solve the diaoyu islands issue through dialogue.

In Abe "tour" at the same time, the Japanese government also added to the islands "nationalisation". Japan has more than 6000 "islands", formed about 447 square kilometers of territorial waters and exclusive economic zone, or the equivalent of about 12 times the land area. The Japanese government in the mastery of these islands after condition, will be named the nameless island, maps and place them in Japan. Among them, the diaoyu islands is zoned in Japan's exclusive economic zone, has been in Japan 400 basis points of the territorial sea of investigation.

The yomiuri shimbun, stressed that Mr Abe's government to strengthen the investigation, mainly considering the confrontation between China and Japan in the diaoyu island issue, highlighted Mr Abe's government came to power after more determined to strengthen "d sea" policy. Mr Abe has repeatedly proposed to "safeguard the territorial sea, can't relax."

Continuous provocation, in addition to the diaoyu islands issue in Japan's 2013 defense white paper, especially on the "China threat theory". Through after the white paper is to prime minister shinzo Abe's first defence white paper, involving China's length is increased, diction fierce for China it may be said of the calendar year.

White paper in the form of a chart is a list of the Japanese government last September after "buy" the diaoyu islands, China's official ships sailed into the waters off the number increases. "Based on the white paper claims that the Chinese side is not consistent with the existing international law order alone claims, taken including trying to power to change the status quo of high pressure", asked China to "abide by international norms".

White paper also mentions the Chinese naval vessels in January on the Japan maritime self-defense force frigate light fire control radar, according to China "to deny the interpretation of the radar radiation, etc. In contrast to the fact that". Wang Xinsheng believe that rhetoric highlights Mr Abe's government on the one hand, the white paper to the international society for public opinion actively, shape the image of China "high voltage"; Domestic support, on the other hand, are intended to seek for their upcoming senate election campaigning.

Against the defence white paper, China's foreign ministry said that Japan continuously rendering "China threat", man-made tension, links to some of Japan's political power and politicians fitflop on sale to take the entire army to prepare to make the international community to concern about the development trend in Japan

China's defense ministry also expressed dissatisfaction and opposition. China's defense ministry spokesman stressed that Japan facts in disregard, spread the "China's military opaque" cliche is ulterior motives, the so-called "China radar radiation", Japan's "territorial airspace" baseless, the so-called "China's military developments has been the regional and international social concern" speech is nonsense. Japan this taletelling, sow discord, exposes its tarnishing China and China's army of evil intentions.

Professor at Peking University, Japan expert Wang Xinsheng said, because the Japanese economy for 20 years in the doldrums, and the gap in China is becoming more and more big, so in Japan, "China threat" have a good market. Japan hopes to maintain economic and trade exchanges with China, on the one hand, on the other hand are worries about China's influence gradually expanded, forming suppressed in myself.

The deterioration of relations between China and Japan also triggered concerns about Japan's domestic public opinion. Kyodo news agency quoted the words of former prime minister: "although China's tough, but repeatedly issued irritating speech, Japan's prime minister also has a problem. Is the prime minister wants to damage relations between Japan and China at the expense of increased domestic support?"

The Japanese foreign ministry official said, if the Japanese want to stick to fight with China, "will have to stop the deterrent threat of China". But this need to increase the defense spending, could lead to a dilemma of fiscal woes, will condemn Japan caused tensions in international society. But if the acknowledged diaoyu island sovereignty dispute, territorial negotiations between Japan is forced to, may be considered "Japan will yield under strong". So, Japan's diplomacy with China in "protracted war".

Neighboring contacts closely Mr Abe's government became the alliance dilemma

"Under the background of rapid economic development in China, Mr Abe's government don't think you can do but single-handedly deal with China, so the plan through the" dongfeng "of American asia-pacific strategy, to contain China." Wang Xinsheng said. Woo and containment, Abe between China and the United States played the "YuanJiaoJinGong" game.

But Japanese media are not optimistic. Kyodo news agency said that Mr Abe's government emphasizes "solid alliance". The United States, however, seem to is over Japan and will attention towards China. As obvious near the two countries, Japan may have to adjust alliance with the United States. How to get along with the two giants to become Japan's diplomacy but around the subject.

Indeed, Mr Abe repair "japan-us alliance", show the power status of the abacus doesn't fake ray ban wholesale seem to be successful. Held in June of this year's g8 summit in Japan though efforts to coordinate our schedules, the summit will be held, but the United States to "could not arrange time refuse to."

In contrast, the Chinese President xi jinping in California with U.S. President barack Obama to "no tie" summit, made in Japan "alliance dilemma". Have analysis, according to Japan's look at the trilateral relations has not jumped out China, America and Japan may be abandoned by the United States the so-called "alliance dilemma, concerned about their presence in the Asian and international affairs, will disappear because of the close to China and the United States.

At the same time, the relationship of Japan and South Korea also repeatedly to the freezing point. Although Mr Abe's government reiterated several times, Japan and South Korea share the basic values and interests, the two countries are important neighbors and partners, but Japanese politicians wang yan is wartime necessity "comfort women", Mr Abe himself has repeatedly denied Japanese aggression history, plus long territorial dispute between the two countries, Japan and South Korea and angry.

In response, south Korean President park geun-hye broke the office after the practice of first visit to the United States to visit Japan again before you visit to China. Japanese media said the park geun-hye's visit to China visible South Korea for stability in north Korea relations and the revitalization of the economy and importance to China's stance. Japan's worries about isolation.

Wang Xinsheng said, now the development of the relationship between Japan and South Korea is not very optimistic, if the wrong historical issues a profound reflection, it is difficult to promote relationship between Japan and South Korea have further result. But on the other hand, nowadays China and South Korea economic and trade relations more and more close, it also greatly influence the future direction of the relationship between Japan and South Korea.

, "Japanese economic news" said, the United States, South Korea, China and the United States, China and South Korea have carried on the summit, which is historical and territorial issues, Japan and South Korea, the china-japan summit was delayed. Intense game in Asia, if blindly rely on alliance with the United States, Japan, will be "out".

Exploiting Africa southeast Asia Abe "arc of freedom and prosperity" hard to get

Neighboring diplomacy is hard to find breakthrough, Mr Abe's government set his sights on unexplored markets such as southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. "Japanese economic news", points out that as soon fake oakley wholesale as Mr Abe is put forward "in the form of visible strategically in diplomacy" policy. In less than half a year's time, he has visited 13 countries, its outbound frequency high head of Japan's postwar prime minister.

In January, Mr Abe speech in congress expressed their own feelings. "Diplomacy, is not to simply stare at peripheral states the relationship between the two countries, it is like looking at a globe that overlooking the world."

Analyzes believed that these access have "to contain China" and safeguarding the security sense to the sea lanes, and Japan have both access to resources and help enterprise develops the market, etc. The importance of economic level. Mr Abe's government is in the asia-pacific region to build against "encirclement" tried to expand the rights and interests of China, to strengthen common "values" of the association of southeast Asian nations (asean) countries and India's cooperation in order to contain China.

And economic diplomacy is more "Abe economics" the important pillar of growth strategy. When Mr Abe's visit, there are more than 40 officials from private companies and universities, the commune. In June the 5th international conference on African development Tokyo, Abe announced in addition to the "big" aid to Africa, also met with 37 African heads of state. Throughout a series of talks with world leaders, Mr Abe's diplomatic "sleeve" is nothing more than economic advance.

However, this was the "drop" of money the way behavior is not in Japan. Japan's kyodo news agency that in 13 countries when times chose relatively far eastern Europe and the Middle East countries, but does not include both China and South Korea two countries separated only by a strip of water, is reflected the sense of Japan's diplomacy occlusion.

Although in southeast Asia are welcome to invest in Japan, assistance, but in the long-simmering territorial sovereignty and surrounded by "contain" in China, few countries stand in Japan. Vietnam President recently visit to China, the Philippines is due to the power problem restricting China's bridgehead task "Japan".this In South Asia, India and China leaders have been confirmed through dialogue and consultation to deal with the boundary issue between the two countries and keep the impact to the healthy and stable development of relations between the two countries.

In Africa, many view that Japan's investment in Africa's best opportunity has been missed. China is now Africa's largest trading partner, Europe and the United Nations, South Korea, India and Brazil and other countries are also actively expand the African market. Sub-saharan Japan keidanren, chairman and managing director feng said, "as early as 20 years ago, Japan could not replace the role of for Africa, now Japan's official development aid have already can't compared to China".

Today, the senate election has yet to begin, Mr Abe has drawn up outbound schedule in late July. He is to visit the Philippines, Malaysia, in late July to strengthen Japan's relations with asean. Mr Abe also scheduled for late August visit to Kuwait, Qatar and so on Middle East oil exporters. But will receive a series of trip effect in Abe, the Japanese media calls "the international community will focus on looking at the size of the economy leaps to the world of Chinese", Japan's foreign still faces a grim reality.

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