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A Gluten Free Year in Review

Posted Jan 01 2010 6:09pm


I spent the entire year of 2009, gluten free!! Since going gluten free in June of ‘08, it certainly has gotten easier and easier. It makes me happy that all of 2009 was spent with my happy, healthy, and gluten free! Let’s look at the highlights, shall we?



I started 2009 out with a Foodbuzz sponsored Martini party.

January martini

Tasty! And I registered my domain name!



I posted my 100th post!

And realized that I LOVE lima beans :)

Lima bean spread_thumb[5]



I cooked with leeks for the first time!



Parrish proposed!!

engagement 006

I received my Digital Elph! A spectacular gift from a big group of besties!

We left Wilmington and made the BIG MOVE to Chapel Hill!!



Friends came to visit for the Piedmont Farm Tour

end of april 063_thumb[8]

Parrish and I attended our very first Crop Mob :)



Crust-less. Peach. Pie. (‘nuff said)

The ever so kind folks at Foodbuzz sent me to The Farm to Fork Picnic




Gluten Free French toast baby!

tapas_toast dunk_thumb[3]

And Betty Crocker made gluten free life a WHOLE lot EASIER!!



I fell in love with Liz Lovely


and Julie & Julia hit the theatres!



I showed gluten who’s boss by re-creating what I have missed the most:

mozzarella sticks!! And made my very first instructional video :)

mozzi 032_thumb[2]

And subsequently started running :)



Ella (Lil’ Gluten Loves Me) celebrated her FIRST birthday!

ellas first birthday 060_thumb[2]

Gourmet Magazine announced it was throwing in the towel.



Parrish and I created the BEST gluten free pizza…ever.

Max celebrated his 7th birthday!!

And of course, the funnest event in November: NC Triangle Blogger Meet-up!




Days off for me were few and far between

Parrish gave me (and you) the BEST gift ever!!

best ever 014


There’s still time to get a bumper sticker!! Email me with your shipping :) I plan on sending out a big batch on Monday, so you still have a few days left!

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