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A few things...

Posted Feb 24 2012 12:04pm
Hi there.... Hope everyone is well. I haven't been posting much, mostly because I haven't really been cooking much, also haven't had many new GF finds to share - although when they do pop up, I will share.

When I do cook, I've been trying to make us healthy-ish meals (to balance the inevitable Friday night pizza order)... The other night I baked salmon with lemon (and just a little butter), and roasted Kale - KALE CHIPS! They are sooooo good. We love them. And it's so simple. I think I also made some spicy brown rice with red pepper.

To balance out healthier evenings. I've been eating out at lunch more than I should (as evidenced by my previous Uno Due Go post).... The big news is that Chipotle opened around the corner from my office. DANGEROUS. it's soooo delicious. And almost the entire menu is gluten free, here's a link to the ingredients/allergy info . And here is my massive chicken bowl with almost everything on it the other day

Oh, and a new GF beer find: New Planet "Tread Lightly Ale" beer. It was OK. Not my fave. It was $10 for a 4-pack, so I'll probably stick to Redbridge - but some of you might like this. New Planet has a few varieties of GF beer as well!

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