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6 Months

Posted Apr 03 2013 7:00am

My, oh my. We have reached the half-year point. Where did 6 months go?

IMG 6890 thumb 6 Months

I feel like we’ve gotten a “break” this month. Adeline has had a fairly conistient “schedule”, and I feel pretty competent as a parent (most days). I’m just waiting for this little nugget to throw us a curveball!

IMG 6898 thumb 6 Months

We went to the pediatrician yesterday, and Adeline weighed in at 14lb, 10oz (21%) and was 25 in. long (15%). She had her shots too, which I left the room for (daddy kept get company). She fits best in 6 month clothes, most 6-9 month clothes are still a bit too big! She has finally doubled her birth weight (6lb 11oz), must be all of those yummy veggies she has been enjoying.

IMG 6899 thumb 6 Months

We haven’t really fed her rice cereal at all this month. I think we are now in “Baby Led Weaning” territory! I cut up her foods into manageable pieces and she just goes for it! I steam, microwave or roast the foods so that they are soft enough for her. She doesn’t have any teeth (mommy isn’t complaining about that), so she’s not actually ingesting very much of foods like broccoli or green beans. But, she is definitely learning to handle her food so much better! It used to be quite the struggle for her to get a hunk of banana to her mouth, but now she will pick up smaller pieces of food with such ease!

IMG 6909 thumb 6 Months

We do one “eating time” per day, either around 2 (after naptime) or around 5 (when I’m trying to make dinner). I think we’re going to stick with the 1 “mealtime” unless Adeline starts “asking” for food. I have a feeling she might want to start having something at breakfast because she watches my every move when I eat my breakfast in the morning!

Foods this month:

  • Sweet Potatoes (my favorite, she seems to like them too!)
  • Banana
  • Avocado
  • Parsnips
  • Apple (the diaper told us that maybe we should wait on them)
  • Grapes (cut in half, we watch closely, she just sucks on them)
  • Broccoli
  • Brown Rice (did NOT like, she made sure to get every grain out of her mouth!)
  • Green Beans

IMG 6916 thumb 6 Months

I wrote in Adeline’s 4 month post that she had rolled over. Since then, Adeline has rolled over from belly to back maybe 4 or 5 times. We practice EVERY morning, but I suppose she’s just not quite motivated to wiggle around very much! She acts like she wants to scoot towards something, but she ends up “swimming” on her belly. I’m actually thankful that she’s still fairly immobile, I don’t have anyone to chase around, yet.

She has gotten SO MUCH better at sitting up. It was like it happened overnight. I think she enjoys seeing the world from a viewpoint other than from on her back.

IMG 6918 thumb 6 Months

As promised in last months’ post , I said I’d do a sleep update. We’re fluctuating between 2 and 3 naps per day, 3 naps is definitely more common. Adeline usually wakes up to nurse once at night (1-3am) and then sometimes again early in the morning (5ish). She has wanted to be up at 6am on some occasions (not to eat) but then she goes back down to sleep an hour later. I can’t figure that one out. Anyways- we have a bedtime routine established and it is AWESOME. She does her last nursing session around 5:30pm (maybe I need to push this back to combat the early morning wakeup?), and then we have a few activities that we do. If it’s not a bath night, we’ll play on the piano or we’ll read some books. She usually tells us when she’s getting tired, so we lay her down after her first few fusses. She takes her WubbaNub paci at night.

Some nights we can just lay her down and walk away, other nights she needs a little more “help” falling to sleep. One of us (usually Daniel, he has the magic touch) will go in and help keep her paci in her mouth. She’ll get angry and she will pull the paci out of her mouth (even though she wants it there). We’re working on catching her sleepy signs earlier so that she goes down without our extra help.

My internet mommy friend Nicole actually did two posts about how they are working to teach their baby girl to get to sleep: Teaching our Baby to Fall Asleep Part 1 and Part 2 .

IMG 6924 thumb 6 Months

(This is more just so that we remember the silly things we called her!) Ade-whine (when she is being particularly fussy) which led to… A.W. or A-Dubs. I call her “pumpkin” and “little smusher” at times too. I’m still not too keen on her being called Addie, and I’m glad that everyone calls her Adeline (at least to my face).

IMG 6930 thumb 6 Months

Wow, half of a year gone in the blink of an eye. Time truly does go faster when you become a parent! See you soon for my 6 month postpartum update.

hollyccoop on Instagram Windows Internet Explorer 3302013 82746 PM.bmp 300x300 6 Months

You can see Adeline’s other monthly updates on our Baby Page !

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