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5 Months

Posted Mar 05 2013 7:00am
*Thank you for all of the encouraging comments, prayers and advice on my “Defeated” post. Motherhood is hard, but it sounds like feeling completely inadequate and exhausted is a common thread that ties all mothers together. So thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!*

* 5months 2 300x300 5 Months

Where did my little smushy baby go?

5 months 5 Months

I’m happy to report that we are entering the ‘fun’ months. Adeline isn’t floppy anymore, and she is extremely interested in the world around her.

5months 7 300x226 5 Months

5months 4 300x225 5 Months

I don’t really know how much Adeline weighs, but she clocked in at 12lbs 11oz at her 4 month checkup. Daniel and I think she’s probably 13-14 lbs now. When I go to the gym and (struggle to) curl 15lb weights, it makes me sad to think that I’m probably not strong enough to curl my baby girl like a dumbbell (not that I would do that).

5months 61 202x300 5 Months

Since we started solids a month ago , things have still been going really well. Adeline usually has a bit of banana or avocado in the afternoon after nursing, and she eats a good amount of rice cereal before her top-off nursing at night. I *almost* wanted to quit cloth diapering when I saw the first ‘solid poo’. I underestimated the power of rice cereal and bananas. Wow.

5months 51 231x300 5 Months

Eating (nursing and other foods), looking around, and ‘petting’ the dog and cat. She chews on EVERYTHING, and she usually has one slobber covered hand at all times. No signs of teeth popping through… yet. She loves sitting (supported) and standing up. She really enjoys sitting in her high chair, even if she just has teethers to gnaw on!

highchair e1362416125113 225x300 5 Months

When she can’t get something to her mouth. When the next bite of food isn’t delivered instantly (patience, my dear). Going to bed.

5months 10 180x300 5 Months

Babies and sleep, sleep and babies. One of our desires for this month is to set up a new bedtime routine. I’ve been nursing Adeline to bed for the longest time, but recently, putting Adeline to bed has taken well over an hour (with the majority of the work being done by me). We’d love for her to be able to be put to bed without needing to nurse to sleep. I’ll make a note in the next months’ update of we have or routine down yet! Naps have been kind of consistent usually a decent morning nap of an hour at home, and the afternoon nap is typically pretty tough to come by. I hope that we can do an afternoon walk as spring approaches, I think that will help to tucker her out a bit. Sometimes we have a weird, late-evening nap, but it happens so randomly that I don’t classify it as a regular nap. I’m really thankful that she sleeps well at night, I just hope we can get her down to bed a little bit quicker!

5months 3 300x300 5 Months

It’s exciting to watch Adeline learn more about her world around her each day, and I cannot wait for warmer weather to teach her all about the outdoors!

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