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I just try to get something from wellsphere because i had enough prize points.. do i really have to pay for it i thought thats why we did the point...

Help getting pregnant

I been trying to get pregnant for 2 years now and nothing has happen yes is there any kind of pill that you can get that will help ?


I been tryin t get pregnant for about 2 years now and nothing has happen so i want to try some kind of Vitamin or supplement that came help me.. So...

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Jan 27 2010 by Celeste j.
everything is ok so far went to the doctors a few days ago and now they are calling me back i hope i get some good news
Dec 16 2009 by Celeste j.
hello everyone everything is good....
Dec 07 2009 by Celeste j.
I just need to clam down sometimes but i see that it never happens and its not good for the body and mind

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