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Memphis, Tennessee
Hi my name is CeCeBROWN, pastor's wife, work-at-home-Mom and lazy girl :)  Even though I like being productive, I have a lazy spirit and often like to snuggle with my hubby and do nothing.  So this mindset has led me to research on and offline for ways in which I can have my cake, and or course I want to eat it too.  And when I find practices that are easy to implement, that are practical and result driven without having to put a lot of time in...I'm game.  Therefore, I... Full Bio
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May 19 2010 by denene2478
Elect Lady CeCe. How wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for the encouraging words. I will post a new blog this week & when I do, I will let you know. It was an honor to share with you all this past weekend & I look forward to what God has in store. I believe He is bringing people to share, teach & grow together to advance His kingdom. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I am here to serve, encourage and support! In Him!
May 19 2010 by Chrissie
That's the right attitude to have! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again... (I've had to do this a couple times since joining WellSphere and I felt aweful at the time.. but now ... for the first time in 3 weeks I have finally gotten to my PB with avoiding sweets - 7 days - wahoo! (to me that is such an amazing accomplishment! :) Good on ya - Keep in touch and keep trying - you'll get there!! (i did!) ;) Chrissie xx
May 18 2010 by Kimberly
Hey CeCe, thanks for the support! I love my hubby, I am truly blessed, my lifelong partner. We have been married for 10 years now, friends for 13. Our eldest (both my children from a previous relationship but "ours" none the less) is about to turn 21 on the 23rd and our youngest graduates on the 29th. Hope to talk with you again soon! God bless!