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Neurology Consult Service and Neurosurgery

I will be spending the next three weeks on various inpatient neurology teams: consult service this week and next week, and then inpatient neuro...

LCME Site Visit and Neuro Rotation

Case's LCME review began on March 22. (Remember, the LCME is the organization that accredits all American and Canadian allopathic medical...

Starting Neuro Rotation

This is my first week on neurology. So far, it's been really intense! Not that I expected it to be a cakewalk, but the Block III*...

Master CCLCM Match List

This post contains the combined match list for all CCLCM graduation years by specialty and hospital. I will keep updating this list as future...

End of Rads

On Wednesday, I finished writing my teaching case report, which is on something kind of esoteric that the attending will hopefully find...
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