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Photography Updates

Obviously I'm not updating this blog as much because I have a New Blog with my friend AyeDubbs, but that is just about running. I thought I...


Hey All... If you're still there... I've been really neglecting this space... mostly because anything I have to write doesn't really vibe with...

Stormy Mind

The storm in my mind has yet to pass. Although I've filled my days with extracurricular activities meant to take the place of running, my mind...


I haven't run much yet, but I'm finally running. Today I ran 4 miles! :) So as it turns out, we are 90% sure I sprained my back and that...

My Choice

I'M GOING CRAZYYYYY!!!! A True Story of my On Again-Off Again Relationship. Inspired by my lack of physical activity. I was in about the...

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