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My passion is eating THE most nutrient-dense diet possible, combatting dietary-fat-phobia, and encouraging everyone to return to Real Food! CaveGirlEats distills the science & displays the practical applications of the Paleo-Primal-Real Food lifestyle, always with a hefty dose of sarcasm.... Full Bio
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Skincare Saturday: safe alternatives to toxic toothpaste!

I’ve been practicing “alternative” oral care for awhile now. It’s crunchy, it’s hippie-tastic, and most importantly: it works. Read my...

Podcast Episode #88: Guest Danielle Walker of “Against All Grain”

Remember – If you’re enjoying these podcasts, please leave us a review in iTunes. Thanks! Having battled ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune...

Homesteading: meet the wildlife

Although I’ve spent the first few weeks in our new homestead holed up inside avoiding the ticks working on finishing my book (it WILL come...

Skincare Saturday: Meet Amanda!

I’m thrilled to introduce a NEW member of the Skintervention Guide team! Amanda is joining me as Communications Director for the...

USA Today picks up my Caveman Diet interview!

Welcome, one and all (antagonists and Paleo fanatics alike – please review my blog rules!) The interview I gave for part of the...

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