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Health Maven's Answer
Oh my dear Mommy.  Struggling to raise our children, is very normal!  I think most... more
May 10 2009 7:03pm
I don't know.  Fertility groups would be the best to know if this is emotionally... more
May 10 2009 6:54pm
Oh I hear ya on the baby constipation.  I think breastmilk is the best solution.  And... more
May 10 2009 6:51pm
I have not been through your situation with negative and positive results of pregnancy... more
May 10 2009 6:43pm
They say 24 hours is the length of time to wait to see if antibiotics will work... You... more
Mar 04 2009 3:09am
did you ever get an answer to this?  It would be worth a pregnancy test, as my mom has... more
Feb 05 2009 11:56am
If you didn't use birth control, and you had sex between day 7 and 14 of your cycle... more
Feb 05 2009 11:50am
Jan 06 2009 2:54pm
Hello! I hadn't heard of a "body craving" before, not that it doesn't exist though!... more
Jan 06 2009 3:31pm
Dec 15 2008 7:25pm
Hi there.  It sounds like you suspect you ARE pregnant! :)  The negative home tests... more
Dec 27 2008 7:17pm
I only had girls so I can't speak from experience on the car of a little boy.  My... more
Dec 27 2008 7:13pm