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a Veritable Genius am I

I have two good stories for you.  But first – I am wearing an ice pack on one hand.  How do you wear an ice pack, you ask?  First, you get a...

Flying Poop Bombs

I used to think Canadian Geese were pretty cool – humongous birds that can lift their sorry big butts off the ground and FLY.  But now?  Do...

Cool Stuff I found online

I’m on the internet a LOT.  So I thought, out of all the fascinating things you could read today, what you really want to know is where I went...

All or Nothing or Me

istockphoto When I actually make the rare effort to get out the mop and bucket, I tend to go to town.  You know what I mean?  Not only...

I’m all alone. What to do?

For this self-proclaimed non-mothering-type, I am flabergasted at how emotional I feel this morning.  All three of my babies are at school....

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Dec 16 2008 by annhertel
I'm going to have to check out your blog (after I finish this last final exam study session!) bc I love humor!! :D