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My name is Cathy Wilson and I had RNY Lap gastric bypass surgery in 2001. I've lost 147 pounds. In addition, I also lost my diabetes, GERD, sleep apnea, and arthritic conditions of my joints and spine. I went from a size 26, 3x to a size 4. Weight loss and maintenance, and behavioral health are my... Full Bio
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Wow! Really?

I need to vent.  I haven't been on my blog for a bit.  There have been a number of reasons.....sick, busy with work, holidays, spending time...

White Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!  As I type this, I'm watching it snow!!  In the matter of about an hour, our weather went from rain to freezing ice...

You Never Know The Direction A Day Can Go

I woke up this morning still upset and hungover from the events with my pre-teen son over the weekend.  As I got ready for work, I made the...

Silver Lining of a Sucked Saturday

Extremely rough day yesterday.  Without the frustrating, upsetting, pushed to the limit details of yesterday, needless to say that parenting can...
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