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Cathy P.

Carmel, Indiana
  I have been battling a light case of diabetes for 7 years, keeping my numbers down y diet and with metformin.   I also battle digestive issues often, as well as some allergies and joint pain.   Since 2 of these are related to food, I'd like to learn ways to prepare food and what foods are going to help me keep from having a full blown case of diabetes and keep from having stomach flares.  
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Mar 09 2010 by Cathy P.
I think this site could help me with the problems I'm dealing with - diabetes, digestive issues, and aging issues, as well as arthritis joint issues.    I'll check out the course.   Thanks Andrea
Mar 08 2010 by Andrea Fabry

I'm taking an online course that you might like.

It's all about raw foods and cooking from scratch. I'm learning how to soak almonds, sprout grains, etc.