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Cat T.

brooklyn, New York
I love hanging out with my family, but as a SAHM and actress, I often find it challenging to fit it all in my day. My blog is all about how to stay healthy, from Breakfast to Bed
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Weighty Words: The Top 5 Fitness Books That Don’t Make You Want an Oreo.

When I re-branded my blog, I told myself I wouldn’t completely cut fitness out of the blog entirely, because it’s still a huge part of my life,...

Read Watch Eat, F/M/K Edition.

Ok, so by now, you’ve all played “Eff/Marry/Kill, right? If not, let me refresh your memories. I will give you three celebrity .gifs,...

What I’m Reading Now.

I should mention that I’m writing a novel right now and I find myself having to research BDSM/fetishwear clothing materials. My google...

Adoring Assigned Reading: Books You May Have Missed.

I woke up this morning with a total ladyboner for life. I mean, It’s NOT going to be 90+degrees fahrenheit, my kids’s fevers broke, I had...

Cultivating a Love of Reading in Kids. Top 5 Ways to Raise a Reader.

I want to put this out there: before I ever had children, I declared they would have interests separate from mine. They could choose or not...

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