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Cat T.

brooklyn, New York
I love hanging out with my family, but as a SAHM and actress, I often find it challenging to fit it all in my day. My blog is all about how to stay healthy, from Breakfast to Bed
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Describe it to Me. In Detail.

I am in sadface mode. Tomorrow, two of my triathlon team members leave me for 14 days so they can haul ass back to their native Scotland to...

Do We Think Charlie Sheen Likes Honey?

How do you pass the time on a thirty-mile bike ride, or a fifteen-mile run? Typically, while running, I’d listen to a combination of audiobooks...

Leave the Nietzsche, Take the Poet.

  “All that is rare is for the rare….”Frederick Nietzsche “You’re really going to quote Nietzsche to me? To me? The sole female in the...

Sapere Aude

As I type this, I have my children watching Cosmos on Netflix. It’s an hour of keeping the kids lulled by the sweet, dulcet tones of Neil...

Nest of Wangdoodles.

Well. I did it. I rode a friggen bicycle. I’m still alive…so far. Whoever coined the adage “it’s just like riding a bicycle,” was clearly an...

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