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Cat T.

brooklyn, New York
I love hanging out with my family, but as a SAHM and actress, I often find it challenging to fit it all in my day. My blog is all about how to stay healthy, from Breakfast to Bed
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Master Procrastinator

It is pretty apparent to anyone who follows me on Goodreads, or reads my blog, that I have a pretty big girl-wood for paranormal romance. I...

What Should You Read Next?

Ok! Quick running update and then? BOOK POST! So, yesterday was a quick shake-out run, (five miles) and they felt good. The kink in my ass ...

Me and My Kinky Ass.

Oh good grief, I am a hot mess today. You see, yesterday was both a national holiday, and my long run day of the week. Great, right? You’d...

My Beautiful Mind.

(there is a recipe in this post. ^that one.) Ok, Ever since I had a discussion on twitter with an author ( Hannah Moskowitz ) about...

Birthday Burgers Invited.

Just keep running, just keep running.  Ok, so as I mentioned on Monday , I’m running the Boston Marathon, which happens to fall on my...

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