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Cat T.

brooklyn, New York
I love hanging out with my family, but as a SAHM and actress, I often find it challenging to fit it all in my day. My blog is all about how to stay healthy, from Breakfast to Bed
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Can I Go as a Harried Mother for Halloween?

Quick announcement before the meat of the post! About the giveaway…. Hey there, Juliette McGonagall (if that’s your real last name, I’m so...

Confetti, Cambio, Corn Chowder

OMG YOU GUYS!! I’m doing the OHSOVERYRARE B2B GIVEAWAY!!! Confetti? Confetti. It’s a book. In fact, it’s TWO. I’m giving away TWO...


Last night, after workworkworking all week like some sort of aphid on fruit, or iphone manufacturer, I was FINALLY able to get a run and bike...

Baio in the Buff?

Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a state. I’ve not been able to train for my upcoming triathlon as much as I’d like, because my bits decided to...


I know it will shock all of you buttercups to hear that I was especially EMO in high school. I was the theatre girl who read and wrote poetry,...

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