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I am the wife and mom of 5 beautiful children. In March of 2012, my 50 year old mom was diagnosed with a very rare of dementia, called semantic dementia. I was left with so many questions about the future and what this disease meant. I searched for resources and support on this disease, but... Full Bio
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Happy Birthday Mommy

I'm a week late in posting this, but last Monday (the 11th) was mom's birthday. I wanted to blog about it, but I've been pretty busy and to be...

Losing Track Of Time

About a month ago, I wrote a post about another turn that mom had made in this disease. The problem was that mom had been waking up at night...

Senior Citizens

Last week was my dad's birthday. My sister-in-law, Natalie, and I have been joking since last year that we were going to throw him a "Senior...

The Lost Jacket

We've been experiencing some warm weather here...and it's barely just spring! It's been in the 80's and 90's and mom still insists on wearing her...

Who Would've Known?

After my last post , I wrote a post in my (facebook) FTD online support group. I was seeking advice on how others have handled these kinds of...

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