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I am the wife and mom of 5 beautiful children. In March of 2012, my 50 year old mom was diagnosed with a very rare of dementia, called semantic dementia. I was left with so many questions about the future and what this disease meant. I searched for resources and support on this disease, but... Full Bio
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Mom’s New A-Line

Last week, a facebook friend posted a picture of her daughter with a caption lamenting the fact that she had taken a pair of scissors to her...

Don’t Forget Me, Grandma

It’s been kind of hard for me to write lately. Not just because I was finishing up summer break with the kids, but because I’m kind of at a loss...

Stay Strong

Do you ever wish you could rewind the clock? I think back to 10 years ago, back before I knew many of life's sorrows. At that time, I was still...

Lessons of Love

Today I feel prompted to write a little something about my dad. He would probably be embarassed that I'm writing this (he's not one to like the...

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

I may raise a little controversy here with this post, but I'm writing it anyway. A couple of months ago, I wrote about the autoimmune disease...

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