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Sup, Wellsphere Users!   I use to be real unhealthy with my eating habits, exercise, and appearance. At the age of 16 I weighed 288 Pounds. An epiphany occured to me about my present state of being. So, I researched... The information I found scared me on the net. I took a vow or oath to change my ways. I'm currently at 200 pounds. Now, trying to add lean muscle.  Currently in College. Played in a rock band that travel across the country. I'm overall a great guy. Don't smoke... Full Bio
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May 04 2011 by Fi Figueroa

This is amazing! I used to be incredibly oblivious to the eating halthy world as well. From some time I began to change my ways and I am feeling so much better! Glad to see you lost all that weight! 



Feb 01 2011 by tremedicure
Welcome on board, Cheers!