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Colourscape a unique experience linking music, colour and space. You freely walk around soaking in the feelings each colour radiates as you...

Access to health

Drowning in a tidal wave. Rapidly repeatedly smashing his head hard onto a solid object trying to cause more pain to block out the pain he is...

Every time we go out...

Abuse on a large scale is not just happening behind closed doors as in the recent exposure at Winterbourne but in the community - on the streets...

Horrific abuse Exposed - Panorama

People make assumptions about why I ‘put’ C in a residential home – it’s so hard you poor thing you couldn’t cope or so I could have a life or...

Sensory Rooms

Our senses - a constant stream of information - hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste being the ones we first think of but there are many...

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Casdok posted Being complacent Nov 20 2009
Tanya and Casdok are now friends. Aug 07 2009
Casdok's Whiteboard
Dec 17 2008 by TheGonzoGirl

Hiya Casdok!!


Dec 02 2008 by Zurama ..
I'm sorry things are not going well :(
Dec 01 2008 by Zurama ..

OK. Was not sleeping at all for few weeks, but I took him off Melatonin and he is doing better.

I remembered my dad mentioning that melatonin gave gim nightmares, so may Mickie was having the same problems.

What going on with C?


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